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Essential information for Seychelles

Local time


English, French and Creole.


Seychelles Rupee
Official currency of Seychelles

Do I need a visa?

British citizens do not require a visa.

Flight information

Mahe (SEZ)
11 hrs (+1 stop)
Indirect flight

Flight schedule

  • Air Seychelles flights depart twice a week from London Heathrow on Fri and Sun (with a touchdown in Italy, no change of aircraft). Qatar Airways flights depart 4 times a week to Seychelles (change of aircraft in Doha required).

Best time to go

With a steady climate that rarely strays out of the 24 to 34°C range, the Seychelles promises sumptious sunshine, all-year round. Of course, like any tropical haven, there is a rainy season and if you're looking to leave your umbrella at home then avoid the months of January and February.

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