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A Foodies Guide to Barbados

Foodies guide to Barbados

Food, glorious food! While it might not make the world go round, it can certainly inspire people to go round the globe to try something new and discover a new tasty dish or two.

We spoke to Ché-Marie in our e-commerce team on her recent trip to Barbados, and got her take on the places she went to eat when she stayed at Accra Beach Hotel & Spa.

Tides Restaurant

Located in Holetown.

“By far my favourite restaurant. I'd go back to Barbados simply to go back to Tides. The décor when you walk in took my breath away. It’s a very modern feel with authentic tree trunks from floor to ceiling almost giving the illusion you’re in a huge tree house."


“First-class service all the way which makes it a perfect choice for special occasions and celebrations. The restaurant has a separate in-house cocktail bar area as well as its very own in-house art gallery whilst being greeted by a waterfall at reception. Just a warning though — the price of meals are at the high-end…but totally worth it.”



Champers Restaurant

Located at the corner of Accra Beach overlooking the sea, just before the bay curves round.


“Again really tasty food – I’d say prices are on par with Tides so in comparison, Tides I felt was a better choice for that “luxury” feel. However, Champers is still a really nice choice for both food and setting with a quieter atmosphre, and just a 10-minute walk if you’re staying at Accra Beach Hotel & Spa."

Primo Restaurant

Located in St Lawrence Gap.

“The food here really is unbelievable particuarly if you like your fish dishes - I'd recommend the lobster and shrimp mac 'n' cheese — prices I'd say are at the medium to high end. There’s a really nice vibe inside — you feel like you’ve stepped into a high-end restaurant in London. It’s a good place to go to if you want to dress up and take some photos inside."


"If you’re lucky enough to be seated overlooking the sea, it’s really peaceful for that romantic setting. Like Tides, this is a restaurant I would visit again if I were to go back to Barbados. It’s wasn’t far from Accra Beach again — a pleasant 25-minute walk away.”


Tapas Restaurant

Located in Hastings.

“It was clearly a popular restaurant, as every time we walked past it was ram-o. Food again – like all the other restaurants – a big thumbs up. I couldn't resist another fish dish so I chose the shrimp thai green curry. It's located right on the beach so at night time it's absolutely gorgeous lit up. It stands out along the whole boardwalk so definitely worth a visit even for a cocktail or two."


"Quite a buzzy vibe inside with upper and lower level seating to choose from. It was about a 15-minute walk from the hotel."


Located in Rockley.  

“This restaurant isn’t one you’d stumble across upon exploring. It’s more inland and located near a residential area on its own. This was the most reasonably priced restaurant out of our whole trip.

Shakers has a really casual vibe and the décor is really quirky, in-keeping with the Caribbean with brightly coloured yellows, pinks and greens etc giving that real authentic Caribbean feel. Definitely a really popular restaurant, and the majority of dishes were actually ‘American’ — think ribs, steak or battered shrimp with chips and coleslaw. Definitely book ahead for this one, as walk-ins are near impossible.”

Carlisle Bay

If that’s got your tastebuds tingling for some Bajan grub (or the Caribbean in general), why not take a look at our holidays to Barbados — they’re a feast for your eyes, too.

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12 Sep 2019 | Ché-Marie Brown