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Best thrills in Barbados

Barbados beach

We love Barbados and its heady mix of beautiful beaches, great places to stay, and devotion to visitor’s relaxation and enjoyment. We know of some brilliant experiences to really enhance the fun times on your holiday – and have highlighted three of the best, below, incorporating those Caribbean holiday essentials: rum, boats, caves and jeeps!


Thriller Powerboat Adventure

Experience an exhilarating powerboat ride on Thrill Seeker, a 35ft Scarab off-shore powerboat! This half-day adventure is a great opportunity to explore sunken shipwrecks, swim with the endangered sea turtles and snorkel with schools of colourful fish over a coral reef.


Harrison's Cave Tour


Barbados’ 7th wonder of the world, Harrison’s Cave is an amazing gallery of stalactites and stalagmites, with streams of crystal-clear water that drop from breathtaking waterfalls to form deep emerald pools. Enjoy an unparalleled underground experience as you journey aboard a tram, past clear streams and cascading waterfalls.


Mount Gay Rum Tour

Rum and Barbados go hand in hand. The story goes that the tipple first originated here on the island. It definitely popped up in the 17th century, with its origins in the plentiful sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean. The sugar producers worked out that fermenting and distilling the sugarcane juice, syrup or molasses, and adding a dash of coral-filtered fresh water, made for a rather delicious fuzzy-feeling drink to sip while the sun went down.


The Virgin Holidays Spirit

Mount Gay is the oldest rum brand in existence, and has been distilling on Barbados since 1703. By the 18th century, sailors returning to their homes all over the world took a barrel of Barbadian rum as sweet-tasting proof that they’d made it to the Caribbean. From this point on, a connection between seafaring and rum was made.

Having a Mount Gay rum cocktail while on holiday is an excellent starting point, but a tour of the distillery gives a special insight into Bajan life, and one of the oldest businesses on the island. Because there’s much more to a tour than simply seeing how this golden nectar of the heavens is created. There are mixology sessions, to create your own signature rum cocktail, rum-pairing advice on what tastes great with your drink, and rum lunches, too. Whatever happens, don’t leave Barbados without a taste of this liquid hug.


Jeep Island Safari

We’re not talking about any old jeeps, here. Instead, climb aboard an open-topped 10-seater safari-style vehicle, for a day of on- and off-road exploration. Let’s just say these vehicles reach parts of the island to which others dare not venture. You’ll be right in among the tropical greenery, with monkeys and wildly coloured birds, sometimes with sugar cane swishing above you on either side, and with so many stonking views to snap away at it’s hard to know where to point your camera first. From the surfers’ paradise of Bathsheba Beach, to the viewpoint at Gun Hill Signal Station, the Atlantic-wave hewn caves at Little Bay, plus Andromeda Garden botanical gardens, and somevery elegant colonial architecture, it’s an island of contrasts all right.


Jeep on beach


Of course, you can hire a car and see the sights for yourself, but on these 4x4 vehicles you’ll really plunge right into the island’s interior, and see everything from the way ordinary Barbadians live, to lux island homes, wild scenery, and lesser-known parts of the rugged North Eastern coastline. It’s easier than navigating alone, and with the benefit of knowledgeable Island Safari guides, you’ll learn plenty of secret snippets of history you might otherwise miss.


To enquire about prices or make any of these experiences part of your Barbados holiday, speak to your local Resort Experts.

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17 Jul 2017 | Virgin Holidays