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Brighton Pride 2018

Brighton Pride 2018 with Virgin Holidays

Every year, cities around the globe play host to the glitz, glamour, colour and charisma of Pride, and it’s no secret that Brighton Pride is the biggest LGBTQ event in the UK. Brighton Pride 2018 promised to be bigger, better and more vibrant than ever before (Britney, baby!) as people from all over Britain came together to celebrate diversity. There was dancing, live music, cabaret, and of course, the Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic float in the parade. Here's what a few of our team said about their experience this year:


"I’m so pleased that for the third consecutive year Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic have united to celebrate Brighton Pride. We passionately believe our people can only deliver their best work when they are true to who they are. We are so proud of our diverse and liberal ethos — Pride is the ideal opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate this."

Sophie  – Marketing Manager, Virgin Holidays


"Wow, wow, wow! What a great day I loved every single moment and wanted to send an email to thank you for everything you did behind the scenes to make everything work like clockwork! I’m already buzzing to do the same all over again next year!"

Thomas – Cabin Crew, Virgin Atlantic


"For me personally, events like this are really important for us to just come out and say, we are who we are, we love who we love and that’s ok. I sometimes don’t realise how lucky I’ve been from a young age to have such a supportive family, I know others haven’t had it as smooth as me coming out, so it’s especially important for anyone who may be having a tougher time, to just see that presence and see it's okay, it’s not something to be ashamed of, or hidden away. We all need to celebrate who we are, and Pride gives us that chance, and to see the support of the whole city during the event is just amazing."

Nat – Product Services Executive, Virgin Holidays


"Pride is without a doubt one of the events I look forward to most each year. Celebrating diversity and inclusivity with 300,000 like-minded people and representing a brand that supports this, makes me incredibly proud to work here."

Emily – Designer, Virgin Holidays 


"Pride is so important in many ways as being homosexual is still banned in several countries around the world, some in which VAA fly (Lagos and Dubai). Everyone should be free to be themselves and express their love for another person without having the fear of imprisonment or even death. Seeing so many young faces cheering us along as the procession passed through the streets really gave that feeling that being LGBTQ was "normal" and hopefully educating, irradiating homophobia in the future.

Being part of the float gave me an insight of how huge Pride is. We passed over 300,000 people on the streets! If just one of those 300,000 changed their mindset, I truly believe we fulfilled our purpose."

Phill – Flight Service Manager, Virgin Atlantic


We believe that everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or ability should be able to take on the world. Take a look at what we’re doing to tackle issues faced by the LGBT+ community and how we’re aiming to become one of the friendliest LGBT companies in travel by empowering staff, educating customers and influencing suppliers.

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10 Aug 2018 | Virgin Holidays