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Epic eats on board Virgin Voyages

You might have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about Virgin Voyages recently. Can you blame us? They’re redefining what it means to be at sea, and we feel that needs to be shouted from the Crow’s Nest. This time, we want to take a look at (arguably) the most important part of a voyage… Food!


Fuel for your sea legs

So long buffet queues and regulated dining times, Virgin Voyages has changed the game with their epic eats on board Scarlet Lady.

They’ve gone straight to the top of the food chain and partnered up with Michelin-starred legend Brad Farmerie, so expect a perfect fusion of freshness, originality and fabulous flavours that will make anything seem bland by comparison.

Enjoy over 20 dining options that’ll cater to many tastes. Eat what you want, when you want (yep it’s 24-hour service here — no sailor has to go hungry). Here’s a taste of the show-stopping restaurants that will delight not just your taste buds but your other senses too.


Test Kitchen

This part restaurant, part cooking school will introduce you to a world of flavours, spices and culinary skills. Put simply, this cooking class is just pure class. Whether you fancy mixing up a Cosmo, brewing the perfect cup of coffee (no milk, two sugars please), or brushing up on your baking, grilling and sizzling; you’ll fly home with a bunch of new skills and ideas to try in your own kitchen. You’ll be rustling up a gourmet meal on a hot car bonnet in no time!


The Galley

Every ship needs a galley. It’s a sailor’s favourite spot. As with any ship worth it’s salt, The Galley will have a bit of everything in it. This street food inspired restaurant lays it all out for you. Take your pick from soups and salads to bento boxes and tacos. And when you’ve got that craving for a burger (you know the one), chow down on the fast food from the authentic 24-hour diner. Tasty.


The Pizza Place

The place to be for all pizza lovers (as the name might suggest). Chill out on one of the loungers and tuck into a slice of the good stuff. Or you know, a few slices. Okay, the whole thing. #NoJudgement



You may have grown up being told not to play with your food but Geonbae encourages you to break the rules. Rustle up your own Korean BBQ on the flameless grill in the middle of your table and enjoy a complimentary round of soju. Let the good times begin.



If Surf ‘n’ Turf’s your thing, you’ll love Wake. Besides the food, the grand staircase is the centrepiece. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie, so throw on your best threads, get the magnums popping and enjoy the expertise of the tableside mixologists.


Razzle Dazzle

Two words: drag brunch. Get roasted by the resident drag queen who serves up bottomless cocktails and sarcastic quips. If you need us, we’ll be hanging out here FOREVER. Oh, and you’re in for some marvellous dishes, both meaty and vegan. What a treat!

If all this has got your taste buds tingling, you can find out more about Virgin Voyages’ restaurant offering here. (This is only a fraction of what's on board! We've already stopped counting the calories...)


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29 Mar 2019 | Virgin Holidays