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Florida for families

Florida for families

Florida is missing its thrill seekers. The roller coasters are still flying round the track and the shows never stop, but it just doesn't feel the same. The moment you step off that plane onto Sunshine State soil, they'll be flying that little faster, shouting a little louder and swimming that bit harder. Real thrill seekers are in town. Florida, it's time to show them what we've got.

We're ready to do our bit. We'll soar high, higher than we've ever been; just to get you here. After all Florida has done to get ready for your arrival, it just wouldn't ever forgive us if we didn't do our bit. We're flexible on dates; we've got some great prices and some extra exclusivity just for you; well we heard you were coming!

Come on over for some Florida fun time!


Why Florida for families?

You've seen the photos. We've got loads more here we've been prepping just for you! You've heard the stories – we literally can't stop shouting about how amazing it is here (and how much the whole place is longing for your presence). Do you really need us to give you more? We know you've already made your mind up. Great decisions are your forte – we can see that from the family pictures, but we'll give you a few more details anyway.


Top Florida destinations for families

There's only one place to start. Orlando. For the real thrill seekers (and we know that's you), Orlando is the premier destination in Florida. It's theme park central. There's Disney WorldUniversal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre. We've got the inside track; come on, follow us and we'll give you the low down.

If you fancy splitting your time between Orlando and the beach, then you can combine your trip with some time spent on the Gulf Coast. Even before or after your time in Orlando you can relax in the stunning beachside surroundings. There's ClearwaterNaples and Cape Coral. We'll get the camera ready for the perfect picture postcard holiday snap.

If an island style getaway sounds like your idea of holiday heaven, the Keys is the key (sorry) to holiday heaven. The beaches are perfect for a little family time, but it's the activities that we know you'll love. We heard you had an adventurous side; we just can't wait to see. You can soar high with a helicopter ride, enjoy eco tours, and show the pros how it's done with a range of water sports.

The paparazzi of South Beach in Miami have seen some celebs in their time. We warned them you were coming (we couldn't help it, we got too excited) – it might be time to don those dark shades just in case!


Top things to see and do for families

Show your wild side: We've already mentioned the theme parks. There's Disney - fly high with Space Mountain, find Nemo (he can't wait to meet you all), hold your nerve in the Haunted Mansion and duel with those Pirates of the Caribbean.

It's not just the world's most famous theme park; however, you can get into the movies at Universal Studios.


To infinity and beyond

No trip to Florida would be complete without a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre. NASA's launch headquarters is the only place on the planet where you can tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut, see actual rockets, view a launch and do some training in spaceflight simulators.

But be careful, with your daredevil skills they might try and enlist you for the next mission.

Get back to nature: Get up close to the dolphins, see the world renowned shows, meet the penguins and ride the Manta.



We've not even got onto this properly yet. We're just too excited about all of you hitting the theme parks, but when it comes to the Sunshine State you can't beat it for beaches. The sun is in the sky, the sand is white and the water, crystal, warm and inviting. We'll lay out our best weather. Florida's really putting on a show, just for you. There's ClearwaterSanibel, Atlantic Beach, Siesta Key, Key West and Palm Beach. Plus a few secrets we've been saving just for you.


The Glades

Florida is unique. And the real jewel in the crown is the Everglades. This unparalleled landscape is filled with curious flora and fauna and is an important habitat for numerous endangered and rare species. Here you'll find manatees, American crocodiles and even the elusive Florida panther. With those guns we know you could no doubt wrestle a croc with your bare hands. They're up for the challenge, but we don't think we could take it! But get your binoculars out, the panther says he's going to make an appearance, we told him you were coming!


Why Florida with Virgin Holidays?

We said we couldn't wait to see you, right? We got that bit across. Good. We've got a couple of treats in store, just because we heard you were making your way over.


Fun and frolics in Florida

We've been planning for your arrival; we know what you're all looking for in the perfect holiday. How about early park access to Universal? You shouldn't be queuing in the early morning Orlando heat with the riff-raff; it's straight in for you. To help you get around while you're here (remember there's loads to see and do – how could you forget) we've got an exclusive desk with Alamo car hire, and you can even choose your own car (make & model) when you arrive. We've got some top quality motors all begging for you to drive them.


Coming to see us

Relax, you've got a plane to catch. The v-rooms are stylish airport lounges that belong to us. And they're just for you. There are loads to keep the kids entertained. From a soft play area to electronic video games; you can even go old school and show the kids how it's done with a bit of table football. So, take a load off and relax before the Sunshine State welcomes you with open arms. Did we mention that pretty much everything in the v-room is free? Well we had to offer you the celebrity service you're accustomed to. There's Wi-Fi, papers, food, drink. The bacon is sizzling, and we've even perfected a new smoothie for your arrival. They're the talk of the terminal you know.


You're here!

We just couldn't wait any longer. We had to rush down to arrivals to meet you the minute you land. The limo's waiting and we'll get you to your resort as fast as we can in true A-list fashion. Don't forget to wave to the paps. Our reps, bursting with local knowledge will also give you a ring before you leave and get some excursions in the diary for when you arrive. Now all you need to do is what you do best – look fabulous. Don't worry, we'll do the rest!


Disney Springs Check-In

Mickey and Minnie wanted to say goodbye one last time. Don't bother with queuing at the airport; let us sort that out for you. We'll be choked up to see you leave, just come back soon.

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10 Jun 2016 | Virgin Holidays