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How to get the most from your Brazilian holiday

How to get the most out of your Brazilian holiday

Even at some 8.5 million square-kilometres, this South American giant needn’t be overwhelming. Travel with Virgin Holidays and we’ll show you Brazil’s show-stopping icons and lesser known (but no less fascinating) curios, whether you’re drawn to a curated itinerary or live to march to the beat of your own samba drum. From golden beaches where the cocktails flow to teeming rainforests where wildlife is king, here are five key regions to put on your wishlist.


Laid-back Latin cool is the default setting in Rio de Janeiro. Lazy days float by as you bask with a Caipirinha cocktail and people-watch on iconic Copacabana Beach, while trips to fabled sites like Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ The Redeemer exceed even sky-high expectations.


Virgin Atlantic’s new direct daily flight to São Paulo will set you down in the ultimate gateway to South America. Where you take your holiday from here is your call, but with its street art, world-renowned food scene and colonial architecture, this vibrant city is well worth exploring.



Shrouded with mist and streaked with rainbows, the world’s largest waterfall network thunders through the jungles of South Brazil. Take photos from the viewing platforms, breathe in the spray from a boat, or take a helicopter ride to marvel at this waterworld from above.



Manaus is an ideal launchpad into the Brazilian rainforest. Explore the Amazonas state capital before venturing into an emerald world of pink dolphins and scarlet macaws. Try your hand at piranha-fishing, visit a tribal village and stay in a tranquil lodge on the banks of the Amazon.


View the Pantanal tropical wetlands from the sky and you’ll be stunned by a seemingly endless landscape. But, the best vantage point is down on the ground, where a spectacular array of species make this vast South American wilderness the best safari spot outside of Africa.


Ready to hit these Brazilian hotspots? Check out our holidays to Brazil and experience the samba-rhythm of South America.

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17 Oct 2019 | Virgin Holidays