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Introducing The Virgin Holidays Trending Travel Guide

Introducing the Virgin Holidays Trending Travel Guide

Introducing the The Trending Travel Guide, the world’s first social travel guide

The way we share our travel experiences has changed dramatically. Whether you’re posing by the pool, sitting pretty on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or strolling down Broadway, we share our experiences with our friends, our fans and our family through social media.

Why? Well, there’s a little bit of ego baiting involved, of course. But really, what we want to do is share our experiences with the world — and this got us thinking.

What if we could use the experiences of holiday goers, shared via social media, to inform and educate others, and guide them towards similar experiences?

With this idea in mind, we’ve created The Trending Travel Guide - the world’s first travel guide curated entirely by social media.

How does it work?

The Trending Travel Guide is a a new way for you to find the hottest holiday hangout spots in some of the world’s most popular destinations. Every day, we use one of the most powerful social media monitoring tools to analyse millions of Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, to bring you the top attractions, restaurants and nightlife spots in some of your favourite destinations.

Rather than use guide books, blogs and reviews that are months, years, or even decades old, you can now find and discover the most popular places in New York, Orlando and Las Vegas right now, according to what’s being shared on social media.

Our guide is updated every single day, so you can be sure that if you’re looking for the best restaurants in New York, a guide to casinos in Las Vegas or want to find out more about the attractions in Orlando, you’ll find the most popular, up to date and relevant experiences available.

But that’s not all...

In order to give you some insight into what goes on at some of these world-renowned locations, we’ve also spoken to the people who work there, to get the lowdown on what to see and what to do while you’re on holiday.

Find out what it takes to run one of New York City’s best rooftop bars, how to strike a chord with the public at one of Orlando’s most important cultural institutions. Or go behind the scenes at the museum exposing the dark underbelly of Las Vegas’ criminal past. We even sat down with a real life astronaut, to find out what it’s like to go to space and how to inspire the next generation of astronauts at The Kennedy Space Center Visitor complex.

What's next?

We’re constantly tweaking our algorithm and updating our information/info in order to bring you the very best experiences from these locations. We re-order our guide every day to keep it up-to-date with what’s popular on social media. We’re also looking to add new destinations in the coming months, so check in to see what’s new and what’s popular on The Trending Travel Guide.

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11 Jan 2019 | Virgin Holidays