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Virgin Voyages – secret destination revealed

Virgin Voyages - Bimini

The secret’s out and it’s a juicy one! The hidden location on Virgin Voyages’ itineraries has been revealed and you won’t be disappointed.


Destination Bimini

Say hello to Bimini — an island in the Bahamas with pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters. It’s a beach-lovers paradise with warm and welcoming locals. Ernest Hemingway likened the island as if it were “the end of the world” and some say it has connections to the Lost City of Atlantis. Sounds legendary, right? We’ve not even got to the good stuff yet…

You’ll have access to the island’s incredible ocean experiences and marine life through boating, water sports, snorkelling and shipwreck diving (the SS Sapona is just a few miles off the island’s southern coast). Virgin Voyages have also got a real treat in store with an exclusive private beach club, strictly for Scarlet Lady sailors only.

In the spirit of Voyages ‘Vitamin Sea’,  you’ll have the chance to retox and detox throughout your day on Bimini. You can expect morning meditation and yoga, with plenty of quiet spots scattered around, complete with hammock groves. As the day rolls on, the energy will gradually amp up with DJ-led pool and flotilla parties where you can enjoy the club’s six bars with your fellow sailors. You can expect killer playlists as THE Mark Ronson is curating them. Look out for his performances in 2020 as he carries out his ‘residensea’.  Then, as dusk settles in, there’ll be beach bonfires and acoustic performances to round off a day in paradise. And if all you want to do is set up camp to relax and top up your tan, there’ll be plenty of private spots to cuddle up in, with beachside and poolside cabanas available to rent as well.


All you foodies out there won’t be disappointed either. Thoughtfully sourced and locally inspired menus including banana-leaf wrapped queen snapper and Bahamian rum cake will be served, all at no extra cost. After all, you’ll need a bit of fuel to enjoy your day here on Bimini — the island life is hard work.

Whether you explore this seven-mile island and its aquatic experiences, kick back in a cosy cabana, catch some rays in a hammock grove or chill out in the pool with a seriously sumptuous soundtrack, your time on Bimini will be one to remember.

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08 Mar 2019 | Virgin Holidays