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French boulevards, Khmer architecture and meandering rivers

Combine to create the beautiful Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, Phnom Penh has a recent past carved by war and tragedy but boasts a modern buzz and positive vibe which draws more and more visitors to this eclectic city. 

Essential information for Phnom Penh

Local time


Flag of Cambodia


Cambodian riel
Official currency of Cambodia

Flight information

16h 50m
Phnom Penh (PNH)
Indirect flight

Flight schedule

  • Please contact us for the most suitable flight for your touring holiday

Do I need a visa?

Yes, British citizens require a visa for travel to Cambodia.

Find out more about Travel Visas here »


When to go

There is little rain between Nov-Mar and with a warm climate this is the peak time for touring Cambodia. Apr-Oct is the low season for tourism with hot temperatures and high humidity, Sep-Oct can be wet but humidity should start to calm down a little offering a nice time to visit with lower rates than high season. 

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