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The longest waves are reserved for Kuta

Nestled between Nusa Dua and Seminyak sit the hidden gems of Kuta and Jimbaran. Hit the waves for a spot of surfing or simply watch them break along the sublime shoreline, relax by the pool or enjoy the nightlife in the local bars and restaurants — this haven is as peaceful or spirited as you want it to be.

Essential information for Kuta

Local time


Flag of Bali
Indonesian & Balinese


Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Official currency of Bali

Flight information

18h 25m
Bali (DPS)
1 stop

Flight schedule

  • Malaysia Airlines flights to Bali, via Kuala Lumpur, departing daily from London Heathrow.

Do I need a visa?

British citizens do not need a visa for stays up to 30 days. Passports must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months upon arrival.

Find out more about Travel Visas here »

Things to do

Considered Bali's most famous beach resort destination. With the warm and consistent waves of the Indian Ocean, Kuta is a hot spot for avid surfers, beginner's and pro's alike. Aside from the water sports, there are plenty of authentic restaurants to experience too and some of the best nightlife you'll find to get the party started.

Kuta holiday highlights – Beautiful Bali is calling you…

Sitting at your desk, staring out the window at a rainy Wednesday afternoon (it’s only Wednesday?) — wouldn’t you rather be sunning yourself on a beach in Bali? We’re pretty sure we know the answer to that, and it doesn’t come much more idyllic than Kuta, Bali’s top resort. Sitting pretty between Nusa Dua and Seminyak, the twin islands of Kuta and Jimbaran are the very ideal of perfection. Think palm-tree lined beaches, the gentle swoosh of the sea lapping at white sandy shores, and you walking hand-in-hand with your better half as the sun sets.

That sounds a whole heap better than a soggy afternoon, so what are you waiting for? Grab your passport, pack light, and take a look at what Kuta holidays have to offer! The Bali paradise of Kuta is waiting for you…

Kuta beach holidays – time to hang ten with the surfers

Kuta is one of the most popular surfing spots in Bali, probably because the beaches are incredible and the breaks are practically perfection. Because there are no nasty surprises lurking under the waves (like jagged rocks or coral reefs), it’s perfect for noobs as well as experienced board jockeys. Save some money and get a more one-on-one experience by taking private lessons. If you’re hiring a board, pick one that’s in good condition and won’t break on you the first time you try and stand up.

If you’re no surfer but still want that beach experience then you’re genuinely spoilt for choice on Kuta beach holidays. Not only do most of the big resorts have their own private beaches, but there are plenty of public beaches all the way around the island too, where you can try out water sports, chill out on a sun lounger, or just dig your toes into powder-soft sand and watch the sun go down.

Where to stay

Holidays to Kuta are all about relaxation. If you want to do absolutely nothing for the entire time you’re there, that’s fine. We’ve got some exceptional Kuta holiday packages that include a healthy dose of seriously awesome accommodation. Not only will you have everything included (flights, transfers, accommodation and, if you go all-inclusive, your meals and drinks too), but it’ll save you money. It’s the best way to get that ultimate tropical holiday experience, with no fuss. Here’s some of our favourite Kuta resorts:

  • InterContinental Bali Resort – is it possible to have a tropical paradise within a tropical paradise? That’s exactly what the InterContinental offers. This luxury complex is surrounded by stunning gardens and overlooks Jimbaran Bay on the island’s south coast. Whether your Kuta package holiday includes the kids, your mates, or just you and someone special, there’s a variety of accommodation to suit here. Love the water? There are six (count them, SIX!) swimming pools – and that doesn’t include the private beach, either.
  • The Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort – it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? This luxury hotel and complex is perfect for those who like a little bit more zing in their holidays to Kuta. Bali has a reputation for lively nightlife, and the Sheraton certainly lives up to that, with nightclubs galore on the doorstep, the Beachwalk Mall just seconds away, and a host of in-house entertainment too.

What to do in Kuta Bali

Kuta holidays are totally flexible – that’s the beauty of them. Well, that and the jaw-droppingly awesome surroundings, obviously. You’re surrounded by the Indian Ocean, so it would be a crime not to explore it, at least just a little bit. The water is so clear that snorkelling is an absolute pleasure, and you’ll be gliding through warm, crystal-clear water with rainbow-coloured fishes in no time.

  • Yoga – Bali is a Mecca for the bendier among us, and there are plenty of yoga retreats, sessions on the beach, or one-to-one tuition on offer. One of the best spots is the Secret Garden of Divine Mother, believed to be one of the smallest public gardens in the world, but utterly charming and serene.
  • Spa treatments – you’re in a tropical paradise, so it’s time to seriously relax. Spa treatments are plentiful, and they’re pretty reasonably priced, too. Most hotels and resorts have their own spa and wellness centres on site, or you can go into Kuta and find your own (head for Sunset Road for the best spas).

Food and drink

If you chose an all-inclusive package holiday to Kuta then the majority of your food and drink will be included. But get out and about and you can try some Bali specialities that’ll set your taste buds tingling (they like their spices in Bali). Top of the list is Bakso. This is a meatball soup that’s super-popular with the locals and packed full of taste. Street vendors offer it all day, every day and it’s a great pick-me-up if you’ve overdone things the night before. As you would expect, fish and seafood feature prominently on menus, whether you’re going for a budget meal or splashing out. Food is usually accompanied by plentiful cocktails, wines, and very light refreshing local lagers.


Unlike a lot of other Indian Ocean destinations, you can actually do some serious shopping in Kuta. The town is packed with malls, stores, and boutiques. Head to Kuta Square at the north end of Jl Kartika Plaza for a more boutique-y experience.

Bali is known for two things – Batik print and leather crafts. These are probably the best type of memento to take home with you, as they’re far more individual and unique than the usual tourist trappings. If you fancy some high-end shopping then Kuta has its fair share of malls, including the Bali Mall Galleria, and the Discovery Shopping Mall.

Best time to travel

Planning on booking your holidays to Kuta but not sure when’s the best time to travel? Well, the simple answer is – anytime! Kuta sits in an absolute sweet-spot for year-round holidays. The average temperature never really wavers beyond 25-28°C from January to December. For practically guaranteed wall-to-wall sunshine, any time between April to October is good, with very little chance of rain spoiling your day. It’s cooler and a little wetter from November to January, but even then the brief showers are warm.

Festivals and events

  • Kuta Karnival Bali Food FestivalOctober – it’s the end of the summer season and the bountiful Bali harvest is in, so what better time to experience the flavours of this exotic little island? Learn to cook, Bali-style, and enjoy fun on the beach through the middle of the month.
  • Bali Art FestivalJune and July – held across Bali including on Kuta, discover the deeper culture of the region through dance, music and art.
  • Bali Jazz FestivalDecember – love a bit of freeform? Book holidays to Kuta in December and you can take in the Bali Jazz festival at the same time.
  • The Galungan FestivalOctober – a Hindu religious festival, it’s colourful, vibrant, and inclusive, no matter what your faith.

Kuta holidays take you to one of the most glorious destinations on earth, with year-round sunshine, perfect beaches, and as much fun as you can handle. Find out more by taking a look at our Kuta hotels.