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Things to see and do in Japan

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More about Japan

Our tours will take you to the tourist sites like the amazing Imperial Palace or Buddhist Temple but try and head out on foot and discover quirky Japan first hand. Make sure you get a coffee in the busiest Starbucks in the world while overlooking the famous Shinjuku crossing, get up early and queue for the Tsukiji Fish Market (spaces are limited), drink a whiskey and enjoy the view from the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt a la Lost in Translation and have a wonder through Harijuku to see the goth inspired teenagers setting the fashion trends. 

The Japanese have a respectful culture, with many of their traditions tied to the Shinto religion which is prevalent throughout the country. Japan is a food lover’s paradise and cuisine is very important to the Japanese, focused on rice, soup and pickles, with seafood in abundance and plenty of traditional restaurants to visit. Incredibly varied, the food in Japan ranges from simple soba noodles to full-on kaiseki banquets, on our tours we try and build in local dishes such as Yakitori in Tokyo, Okonomiyaki  in Hiroshima and tea ceremonies in Kyoto. Of course there is always sushi and sake. 

Things to see and do in Japan

Japan’s Shinkansen (or bullet trains) are probably the coolest trains on earth, watch them zip through stations at nano-second precision and enjoy whizzing through the country in a smooth, comfortable first class seat. Japan lends itself to touring well as the bullet trains are fast, efficient and extensive. All of our tours in Japan utilise the bullet trains to get around so you can speed through Japan at 200mph! The high-speed rail network means you can travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima in just a few hours, enabling you to see more of this enticing and beautiful country while you sit back and relax. 

Things to see and do in Japan

The Japanese have even turned the simple act of bathing into something special in a traditional outdoor hot spring or ‘Onsen’. Hot springs are often part of a ryokan - traditional Japanese guest houses. Don your kimono and spend a night in a ryokan. From first class luxury to the humble life, the Japanese have been living like this for hundreds of years so relax and enjoy. 

Things to see and do in Japan

Ok so at home it is a little bit cheesey but in Japan it is a way of life! Head to your nearest Big Echo, pick your private booth, order your cold beers via the intercom and do your best X-Factor audition. 

Things to see and do in Japan