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Raffes Singapore has come to be known as one of the country’s most iconic landmarks. The hotel is currently undergoing a careful and sensitive restoration, but will welcome guests to a newly restored hotel. Retaining its striking architecture, unbeatable hospitality and excellent facilities — along with its elegant touches and colonial charm — the magic will start the minute you step through its palm-fringed doors. After making yourself at home in one of the hotel's 115 luxurious suites, each one equipped with a wide variety of amenities and elegant furnishings, it’s time to explore your new surroundings. Meander around the hotel’s lushly landscaped gardens, relax with a treatment in the Raffles Spa - site of the utmost tranquility - or head to the Arcade to while away the hours browsing through speciality boutiques and the Raffles Gift Shop for souvenirs and gourmet gifts. If you need to cool off head to the rooftop, location of the hotel’s swimming pool and a lovely place to relax, surrounded by lush, green gardens. The hotel’s Long Bar is renowned for its world-famous Singapore Slings while the new Writers Bar will present bespoke craft cocktails, wines and spirits. Those feeling peckish can choose to dine in the comfort of their own room or sample the fare at one of the hotel's many restaurants. Discover the best mooncakes in Singapore at Raffles Singapore, head to Tiffin Room for authentic North Indian cuisine or a quintessential Afternoon Tea in the heart of the restored lobby and allow yourself to be transported back to the hotel's golden days by the early 20th century décor and ambience.


  • Bar
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Room Service
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Fitness Centre/Gym
  • Laundry Service
  • Internet Access
  • Close to City Centre
  • Restaurant

Where is it

In the heart of Singapore, just steps away from the Suntec City Mall, one of the largest in the city, Raffles City Shopping Centre. Transfer time from Singapore Airport: 20 minutes.

Hotel information

115 suites on 3 floors. All with air-conditioning, ceiling fan, common (or private) verandah, 2 TVs with cable channels, telephone, complimentary WiFi Internet access, complimentary non-alcoholic mini-bar (replenished daily), safe, slippers, bathrobe and hairdryer. Courtyard Suites are situated close to the gardens with a parlour and dining area, dressing area and en-suite bathroom. Suites have 1 king-size bed, sleeping maximum 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (up to 11 years).

Palm Court Suites have a parlour and dining area, dressing area, en-suite bathroom and 1 king-size bed, sleeping maximum 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (up to 11 years).

Personality Suites are named after famous people who were associated with the hotel in its glorious past. Each have a parlour, dining area, bedroom, dressing area and en-suite bathroom, sleeping maximum 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (up to 11 years).

10 restaurants and bars including; Tiffin Room (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Steakhouse (lunch and dinner), Celebrity Chef at The Grill+ (lunch and dinner), Raffles Courtyard (alfresco bar and lounge), Long Bar, Celebrity Chef at Bar and Billiard Room+, Writers Bar and Ah Teng’s Café. Rooftop swimming pool. Raffles Spa* with full range of health and beauty treatments. Fitness centre. Shopping arcade with speciality boutiques and the Raffles Gift Shop retailing souvenirs and gourmet gifts. Laundry/dry-cleaning service*. 24-hour room service*. Complimentary WiFi available.+Restaurant names to be confirmed.

* Denotes local charge.

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Image of the Tripadvisor rating A GEM in Singapore

Nov 22, 2020 Daniel_lawgg Singapore, Singapore

Luxurious experience with rich heritage at Raffles Singapore. Always love staying in colonial styled hotel like Raffles and completed the "grand slam" of staying all 3 hotels by the Sarkies Brothers (including E&O in Penang and the Strand in Yangon).
Image of the Tripadvisor rating Feedback for owners of Raffles Hotel Singapore, in this time of Covid-19, sorely needing-

Nov 19, 2020 AxParas

As a seasoned traveller, my experience of being forced to notice a significant divide between impressive sincerity & atrocious lip service in this hotel is unfortunate. Pillows, bottled water and a chain of events due to grossly amateurish lapses blighting my stay have resulted in unavoidable embarrassing conclusions, whereby I disagree with this… Read more
As a seasoned traveller, my experience of being forced to notice a significant divide between impressive sincerity & atrocious lip service in this hotel is unfortunate. Pillows, bottled water and a chain of events due to grossly amateurish lapses blighting my stay have resulted in unavoidable embarrassing conclusions, whereby I disagree with this luxury hotel billing itself as an icon of Singapore. Management needs to clearly delineate differences between housekeeping & "butlers", retrain some "butlers", or management needs change, because housekeeping provided me much better butler service than “butlers”, thus horrifying this first-time guest at Raffles Hotel Singapore (the hotel name I shortened into RHS, for this review). In my experience, RHS key problems include incoherent lack of unity for a vision, due to certain staff in a core service position exhibiting obvious absence of basics in initiative, empathy & enthusiasm. Impressive 5-star RHS service: Keith’s pre-welcome call 2 days prior to my stay to check with me, with mentions of extending check-out to 3 pm. His professional effort should be a staple hallmark of RHS eg. he jovially & diplomatically stated the hotel has not been as responsive as it should be (when I said I heard the hotel does not use its phones). Roslee showing me to my suite (at least 20 years in RHS). Gary's service at the pool (at least 10 years in RHS). My meeting the front-door team at RHS Beach Road main entrance, including iconic doorman Narajan alongside his much-younger enthusiastically polite team. The 2-night stay, from Wednesday to Friday: Needing a rest in end-October, I made reservations in September. On hindsight, my experience of a poor RHS pre-welcome process prior to check-in registration was a warning of extreme unevenness ahead. Courtyard Suite 222 is a welcome sight for sore eyes, a lovely view of landscaped lawn from a shared outdoor veranda. Occasional creaking of Indonesian-native aged balau wooden floorboards constituting the veranda have a certain nostalgic charm for those of us acquainted with such wooden floors, audible even when you are in the bedroom, with wooden doors & shutters connecting the parlour from the bedroom fully shut. Overall, wonderfully quiet. Pretty. Spacious. Main building architecture has been beautifully restored. But the mishmash of furniture, furnishings/decor & smaller details in suites, & guests-only second floor above Grand Lobby? The second floor above the Grand Lobby is a lesson in why certain themes should never be mashed, leaving me somewhat dismayed. This suite's parlour contains 3 different themes in a small space, somewhat schizophrenic: Nicely restored historical architecture, wooden chairs & tables trying to hearken back to the colonial era, not gelling with a modern contemporary cheap-looking simple sofa- The parlour furniture needs to be decided with a coherent theme. I am thoroughly impressed by front-door staff & Roslee extending me a welcome befitting the iconic history of this institution. Luxurious Ormonde Jayne toiletries. Bathrobes & towels wonderfully fluffy, clean, folded immaculately. Generous fruit platter, sweet fruits of a certain quality. But in-suite pillows are so flat I used a towel as a base, because they completely deflate with any weight & provide zero neck support. Turndown service in 1 night does not improve pillow quality over 2 nights, which I sadly designate “Worst Pillows I have ever used in any hotel”. This inexplicable unwillingness to provide decent pillows extends to bottled water. In this category of suite costing more than 1000 SGD a night, Evian or Nakd or some other type of bottled water is not provided complimentary in-suite. Dr. WHO water in flimsy plastic bottles of questionable storage timeframes created an intended chain of events resulting in unintended discoveries I would prefer to forget. Yujun came to the suite, introduced herself as my “personal butler”, was sweet & polite but forgettable. She did not go beyond doing or saying the cheerfully bare minimum. No mentions of recently-opened Macallan whisky event taking up several units on ground floor of the hotel (I was told it is complimentary for guests due to vouchers provided, when I was doing RHS history tour with another RHS guest), no additional unique information about what I had organised for my itinerary- She gave me a demonstration of how certain controls worked, after I asked. She asked me if I had any queries. Nothing else volunteered, no suggestions of walking the guest around the hotel to familiarise, no suggestions to try breakfast at Tiffin Room, no encouraging explanations or descriptions about format of breakfast for Tiffin Room- Do RHS “butlers” assume a guest knows everything about RHS or enough about the hotel’s facilities & how to get around? Yujun would not have known that I was able to make multiple reservations via a highly-capable RHS Assistant Service Manager, because that one had to step in and intervene on behalf of the RHS Service Agent who clearly needed more hospitality training while proving himself incapable of adequately handling my simple inquiries. I thought it was a pity Yujun was the butler, not Roslee. This tiny kernel of scepticism planted by my experience with Yujun hardened into something unavoidably unkind, on the second day. After an unpleasant confusion among certain spa staff not adhering to what I had already emailed beforehand, 2 hours was everything the Raffles experience should be: A signature Mikimoto facial provided by experienced therapist Matthieu leaving me speechless for more than a few seconds, with the end results. He is primarily responsible for me having a hugely positive impression of Raffles Spa. The second day was anything but. Spa experiences will be in another review on this site. The Tiffin Room is a joyous discovery, on the first night. Chef Kuldeep’s traditional curries, tandoori & kebab dishes are delicious & varied, as delicious as Thevar chef Mano’s contemporary Indian dishes fused with cultural influences from growing up in Malaysia while enhanced with European cooking methods, in a special collaboration dinner menu. Staff are down-to-earth & endearing. I made a mental note to return to Tiffin Room after my stay. The fountain formerly outside Lau Pa Sat is very romantically beautiful at night, now positioned in a soothing courtyard outside the Tiffin Room. Returning to the suite, I took a few sips from 1 of the bottles of water provided in my suite. My stomach, fine during dinner, started behaving a bit oddly. I had noticed this issue just before dinner too, after my spa treatment when back in the suite, but could not figure out why. I dismissed it. Turndown service of the bedroom was what you would expect of such a hotel, which I assumed was done by a butler, because RHS has "butlers". Instead of having the bath fully run by 9.30 pm (as I told Yujun in-person), another “butler” (not Yujun) came at 9.30 pm to run the bath. No queries about welfare of the guest, no interest expressed in anything. Throughout the rest of my stay, I never saw Yujun again, never spoke to her on the in-suite phone which only allows calls to "butlers", never heard from her, never saw her when checking out. Lovely tub to soak in. Sleep during 1st night was somewhat elusive, because of stomach & pillows. The swimming pool opens at 7 am. I decided to swim several laps, finishing in less than 10 minutes. Around 7.15 am, the man who cleans the swimming pool turned up. He took almost 40 minutes to do so, thoroughly and admirably. It was somewhat therapeutic to watch him work. But shouldn’t your pool cleaner be doing so & finishing, before the swimming pool opens for guests? Was I supposed to swim in the pool as he cleans, if I had been any later & he had turned up then? Breakfast was a serene soothing affair with classical music softly piped over the sound system. I had the swimming pool & terrace all to myself. Quality items offered, despite limited variety of options. Hashbrowns replaced rosti. If rosti is not available, the breakfast menu needs to be officially updated. Scrumptiously flaky croissants, tasty sausages, delicious eggs. Tomato sauce was very nice. Considered trying breakfast at Tiffin Room the next day or at the veranda, before the history tour. When I phoned shortly after 9 am, “butlers” were not contactable. I wanted housekeeping to tidy the suite, thus left a tip & written note for housekeeping staff, then went to tip Gary, intending to stop by the front desk in the Grand Lobby to deliver my request, before leaving the hotel. Gary asked if all is well. I told him I could not contact any butlers. He volunteered to help me out, but I said I could inform the front desk & thanked him. Since I could not ask any “butler” if it is possible to check for any available tables at Yi by JL in RHS, I decided to have familiar comforts, so went to buy warabimochi & drink matcha at Matcha Saro, then lunch at Mikuni. Lunch settled my stomach. Upon my return, I stopped by RHS Raffles Boutique to buy hotel souvenirs. One non-spectacled staff member in a suit with a shiny nametag was primarily engrossed in using his smartphone/navigating past customers/talking to other fellow employees/avoiding customers. There were at least 5 customers. With such a unique customer-averse attitude unlike his fellow colleagues in the boutique, why does he work here? I approached female staff for assistance, since he was trying to avoid all customers. He stayed that way from the time I entered, to the time I left. Housekeeping had done a praiseworthy cleaning job. I also had a "signature massage treatment" to experience on this second afternoon. How does Raffles Spa vet newly-hired young therapists of a certain amount of experience to give signature treatments, when they are clearly not ready? Returning to the suite, I sipped from bottled water in the suite. My stomach was again queasy. How long have these bottles of water been stored, before being placed in this suite? I then mixed boiled water with bottled water, because I did not want boiling-hot water. It did not help. I called the "butlers", requesting for cups since there were no teacups nor coffee cups. Upon my return from dinner, a beautifully-written note with the cups signed off by "Raffles butlers" was on the table. And I temporarily believed they were wholly responsible. Dinner at La Dame de Pic was a ruined affair. To avoid the urge to throw up, I finished less than half the bread, skipped desserts entirely, ate small portions of already-small dishes, left apologies for the chef and sommelier. I had to abort the wine pairing. The dishes are very enjoyable, despite not being mind-blowing. When I re-entered the Grand Lobby, I asked the front desk to please send 2 glass bottles of room-temperature mineral water such as Evian & bill it to my room, because I could not take the plastic bottled water in the suite making my stomach unwell. I am grateful to the front desk for not getting this right, because I was about to learn hugely important lessons about the legendary butler service of Raffles Hotel. As I waited, someone promptly knocked on the door. It was a petite woman from housekeeping pushing her very-full cleaning cart. She looked very busy, slightly sweaty & slightly disheveled, asking if I want turndown service. I said No, then closed the door. A “butler” brought 2 glass bottles of artesian water from New Zealand. He mentioned no names, had no queries about me or my current situation, handed me the bottles & left. I did not realise they contained sparkling water. When I opened it less than 1 minute after he left, water shot out of the bottle & onto the floor. Phoning again, I told the “butler” my stomach was unwell, I had spilled water on the floor, and needed still water instead of sparkling water. She said they had no Evian water, and someone would bring me the necessary. No queries as to how I was feeling. No queries as to how to make the guest feel better. No initiative at all. When someone knocked, I opened the door, to find- The same petite lady from housekeeping with my bottles of water. In halting English, she asked me if I needed anything else. I said I had spilled water because I had not realised the bottles had sparkling water, then showed her the spillage. Removing the wrong bottles from my suite, cleaning up the spill, asking if I am alright, if there is anything else I need & she could help- She noticed my distress. I was so touched and felt bad for being initially curt; distress from my stomach is not an excuse. I was also deeply disgusted at atrocious incompetence & indifference from “butlers”. Zero basic concerns to ask how a guest feels, without turning up, when you tell them you are unwell? Where is the discreet personalised service that RHS describes, via its butlers? I almost wished I had avoided reading the RHS hotel website or in-suite Ipads. In-suite pillows were so flat & uncomfortable, I woke up at least thrice during the night. But I no longer wanted to interact with RHS “butlers”, so I did not call about the pillow menu. I lay in bed, thinking: 1) In 14 hours, I will leave this place behind 2) I took for granted water, pillows, service in- Moments I enjoyed in hotels of countries such as Sweden, Cambodia and England came to mind. RHS "butlers" I have interacted with in any capacity are terrible, when they should learn basic requirements from staff without fancy titles who are warm and inquisitive and caring, such as the housekeeping lady who helped me.  I am sad that I had to cancel being at COMO the Halkin in London, due to Covid-19. I also missed Capella terribly. When I woke up, I was mostly feeling fine. The glass bottles of water & large sweet grapes in the fruit platter helped. When I phoned to check out around 11.35 am after the history tour, “butler” on the phone had no questions. They simply had someone come up to retrieve my luggage. Anwar is an intelligent young gentleman who sensed something was off. He listened. I also asked how I could pass a tip to the housekeeping staff of last night. He suggested Saddiq could handle the matter. Saddiq assured me he would make sure housekeeping management did so. I told Narajan I would see him again, as I left. I am glad Anwar & Narajan saw me off. And I was so happy to be greeted with a delicious lunch & smiling domestic helpers, whose caring attitudes & ability to be spontaneous- Perhaps the category of suite I was staying in is not expensive enough. Perhaps my not-obviously-branded heels were not classy enough or easily-recognised-enough. My made-in-Israel heels have carried me through many wonderful experiences. I wanted to use them one last time on what I hoped would be a wonderful experience before letting them rest permanently, a new pair of made-in-Israel heels taking over. Due to a foot operation, I can only wear customised shoes or choose already-made footwear with great care. My heels do not reflect many reasons why the Courtyard Suite of RHS cannot impress me. In the homes where I live, one of my bedrooms is similar to the size of combining this Courtyard Suite’s parlour & bedroom, my bedroom ceiling height equivalent to the height of the parlour. My bathroom sink area accompanying my bedroom is approximately the size of combining both sink areas in this Courtyard Suite, even if my bathtub is mildly less fancy. The RHS Studio Suite I originally booked was chosen for high ceilings. I should have declined the upgrade. As a guest who books a spa package with RHS Raffles Spa prior to a stay & partakes of dinners at restaurants in RHS, some RHS “butlers” taught me that they can pick & choose whom & when they condescend to give in-person service to. Are butlers a gimmick in RHS? I cannot figure out the criteria which these “butlers” use to determine if a hotel guest is significant enough for them to go beyond answering phonecalls and/or physically appear for that guest and/or smile, since they could not be bothered to render any form of personal decent service to me. Staff working at RHS for at least 10 years or are young staff under supervision of iconic RHS staff members are so different from “butlers”, in my experience. I had considered booking a Personality Suite on a second visit, but decided to pause all this under an iceberg. If I were to consider a second stay at RHS, or I am asked whether to try RHS: ~ Read reviews on Tripadvisor of 3 stars or less about RHS from August 2019 to November in 2020 (after second refurbishment). I hope RHS owner Katara Hospitality sorts out issues with partner Accor managing RHS. Read trend of online reviews over next 4 to 6 months relative to service & faults in RHS, IMHO. ~ Pages 22 to 28 of “A Life Intertwined” by resident historian Leslie in Raffles Boutique (which I bought) should be compulsory reading for all RHS "butlers". ~ Leslie’s passion for RHS, Narajan’s father hen warmth, Roslee’s nuanced patience & humorous confidence- They are down-to-earth local living service icons in RHS necessary to this second historical refurbishment, which I am fortunate to have experienced. They deliver impressively. ~ I am glad to have met service staff who genuinely emulate & continue their attitude, warmth & initiative (eg. Keith, Anwar, Gary, Saddiq). ~ Stop using cheap pillows. People who cannot sleep well will not return. I wonder if someone in RHS higher management might consider service recovery such as mailing out a handwritten letter & sign-off, to guests such as myself voicing justified complaints since re-opening. Empathise with guests, briefly summarise what steps have been taken to tackle the issues, ask guests to consider staying at RHS again. When I read what Leslie penned for me on 30 October, a sharp sadness is unavoidable. “I can say there will always be a Raffles” is what he wanted me to know, and he hopes his grandsons will be future ambassadors of this hotel. On this day, various media outlets reported closure of Robinsons, one of the oldest home-grown department stores here, with a history of 162 years in Singapore. I learned 2 phrases from one book in my suite titled “The Strangely Singaporean Book ”. “Buay tahan” summarises my experience with "RHS butlers", & “Tua Pai“ is what I think of RHS "butlers". "Devoid of empathy & unwilling to go beyond lip service" is my impression of "legendary butler service" at RHS. I grew up with many years of domestic helpers & what some people might classify as a nanny, and know some relatively useless trivia, such as the difference between drawing a bath & running a bath. If intending to use “butler” to uphold lofty service standards even though I know very well typical hotel service staff have no semblance to a butler except in the most basic aspects, at least provide turndown service & show empathy for those in your care. Otherwise, please cease usage of “butler” & exaggerating unacceptable service standards, which is what I would say to RHS "butlers" I do not wish to encounter again.  I never tried a complimentary Singapore Sling, because too many gut-churning mistakes happened at Raffles Hotel Singapore for my stomach or myself to enjoy. Read less
Image of the Tripadvisor rating Modern Heritage

Nov 18, 2020 ffchaser Singapore, Singapore

Have always been fascinated by the history of colonial era hotels. We had a competitive rate for the Courtyard Suites with dining credits. With international travel on hold, we decided to check out the old dame. The recent restoration of Raffles Hotel has helped it to stand out from the likes of the Penang E&O and Colombo Galle Face Hotel. The… Read more
Have always been fascinated by the history of colonial era hotels. We had a competitive rate for the Courtyard Suites with dining credits. With international travel on hold, we decided to check out the old dame. The recent restoration of Raffles Hotel has helped it to stand out from the likes of the Penang E&O and Colombo Galle Face Hotel. The in-room hardware has been thoughtfully done with iPad room controls and Apple TV integration (although this wasn’t working in one of our two room TVs due to requiring a software update). Service was top notch and we could not tell that the hotel was at full occupancy when we stayed. Lobby staff took the time to approach and chat with us when they saw us. Butler service was via a phone callback through the iPad, although this felt somewhat impersonal. We enjoyed the guided tour by the historian (which also included a peek at the presidential suite when it’s unoccupied). We requested and received a late checkout at 2pm after finding out that our tour started at 2pm. Checkout was done within the room which was a nice touch. The breakfast menu selection was on the smaller side, but we liked every item that we ordered, some of the standout items were the Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak. We also managed to check out some of the shops at the Raffles Arcade and were able to get a dining discount as staying guests. Overall a wonderful stay with excellent hardware and service. Although I feel that some of the historical connection might have been lost with how the lobby has been re-modeled but I guess that helps with staying relevant for much longer. Glad to have checked the Raffles off my list, this will be one to remember. Read less
Image of the Tripadvisor rating One detail which can ruined a wonderful experience

Nov 15, 2020 Christian G

To start with, and no mistake... This is a fantastic hotel and our experience could have been perfect unless one detail came to almost ruin entirely it: On Sunday morning, at 9:30am.. when you expect quietness and a smooth wake up in such an amazing place, you are suddenly wake up by a 85db machine used by the Gardener team trimming the bushes… Read more
To start with, and no mistake... This is a fantastic hotel and our experience could have been perfect unless one detail came to almost ruin entirely it: On Sunday morning, at 9:30am.. when you expect quietness and a smooth wake up in such an amazing place, you are suddenly wake up by a 85db machine used by the Gardener team trimming the bushes right under your room.. and not 3mn, but during more than an hour.. Management team, how can you schedule such heavy & noisy maintenance job on a Sunday early morning?? In luxury, it is all about details.. and that one was a very annoying mistake. Still a long way to go to reach the Top League Hotel in the world if you cannot understand this, and plan such noisy maintenance in a moment, Sunday morning, where your guest peace and quietness should come first. Read less
Image of the Tripadvisor rating Grand, opulent and the raffles standard

Nov 15, 2020 Johnmuar Singapore, Singapore

Our set up: family of 4 with a 20 months old What we were looking for: first trip out of our home after circuit breaker ( lock down), we were celebrating our baby moon and also looking for a breather after working from home for a while. The room: we had an upgrade to the Marlborough suite which was a 1700 square feet 1 br with living , verandah… Read more
Our set up: family of 4 with a 20 months old What we were looking for: first trip out of our home after circuit breaker ( lock down), we were celebrating our baby moon and also looking for a breather after working from home for a while. The room: we had an upgrade to the Marlborough suite which was a 1700 square feet 1 br with living , verandah and kitchen. Space was great and loved the bathroom which had full marble tiles and a stand-alone bath tub. Definitely one of the best. The sheets were brand new and they definitely did a good job with the refurbishment. A good blend of old world charm equipped with the best modern amenities such as iPad for lighting, entertainment, climate and curtain control. The service: we were assigned our own butler which was a nice touch. However he was no where to be seen as they were running high capacity given the recent reopening. I heard they let go of 15% of their staff due to the pandemic which may be the reason why things could be better. Having said so, the staff definitely tried their best to maintain the raffles standard and a little patience from us helps too:) The grounds: with the size of 5 soccer fields, there is always something to enjoy in raffles hotel. Plenty of photo opportunities be in the lawn, the grand entrance, the main building lobby with the grand piano , the all famous doormen , you can simple make every moment a memorable one. The pool however is a bit small but understandable given it’s a historic hotel. Be prepared for lots of sun as there are no shaded area in the pool. The food: breakfast was served by the fountain as well as indoors. We opted for the outdoor breakfast to enjoy the morning breeze. Capacity was an issue we did have to wait for a bit for our food. The selection was abundant and quality was high with the exception of coffee where mocha and flat white wasn’t done right for my wife. My long black was fine. The tiffin room offered good selection of North Indian cuisine which we are not familiar with. We over ordered and could have done with less. They should advise the guests in advance if no kids are allowed as we had to send our girl back half way through the dinner when she started making noise. Otherwise it was a good experience. The Chinese restaurant Yi was a pleasant surprise. We enjoyed the food and creativity of how traditional Chinese food can be reimagined. Highly recommended. Summary : would have scored it a 5 star rating if they had more staff. Otherwise a unique experience highly recommended for a true singapore experience Read less