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Destinations in the Middle East

Dubai Beaches Holidays

Holidays in Dubai, Beaches and Beyond

Middle east

Set upon miles of glorious golden sand, Dubai’s spectacular resorts allow you to luxuriate in five-star glamour, while still reaching the bright lights of the city. The nearby desert is a treasure trove of falconry, sand boarding and dune bashing, perfect for magical adventures on your Dubai holiday.


Holidays in Oman

Middle east

Home to lost cities, Arabian palaces and a historic fort, Oman is an intriguing mix of old and new. Resplendent mosques and traditional trading towns jostle alongside large complexes and shopping malls. On the idyllic coastline, find some of the most spectacular hotels ever seen.

Tel Aviv-landingpage

Holidays in Tel Aviv

Middle east

Introducing the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’. Holidays in Tel Aviv don’t pull any punches when it comes to… well, just about everything. We’re talking cultural hotspots, a buzzing art scene, a rich history and museums to explore, nightlife that’ll keep you up until the wee hours, and stunning beaches for that much needed break after it all. Shalom Israel!  

Abu Dhabi

Holidays in Abu Dhabi

Middle east

As the capital of the UAE, a holiday in Abu Dhabi combines a 21st Century cityscape with traditional values and hospitality style. Magnificent skyscrapers and water parks rub shoulders with pristine gardens and palatial hotels and mosques. The cultural desert excursions are spectacular.