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Boston Tours

Lobsters and Lighthouses

Lobsters and Lighthouses

One of those places you instantly feel like a local, New England’s scenery, old-world villages, and seaside communities are as welcoming and familiar as you can get, making for leisurely exploration. Breaking you into the easy-going air, Boston’s no sprawling urban jungle; it’s a cutesy enclave packed with history and charm. Its Freedom Trail links American Revolutionary landmarks with a simple stroll, peppered with endless dining and second-to-none shopping. But lobsters and lighthouses await. Hitting the road north takes you through Salem’s witch trial history, coastal communities like Gloucester, Rockport, and Portsmouth, and into Kennebunkport, whose bohemian vibe and historic homes make it a perfect overnight stop before heading on to Bar Harbor, where lobstermen bring in their catch for your chowder and lobster rolls. Most travellers drive into Acadia National Park, taking Park Loop Road or scaling Cadillac Mountain, before leaving the coast for the White Mountains and their covered bridges and forest-wrapped villages, heading over to Stowe; the Green Mountains and their bear and moose lled forests; and the famously chic region of The Berkshires. Back on the coast, the trail leads you to Newport, summer home of the super- wealthy, and Cape Cod, where incredible sandy beaches, sweet villages, and free-spirited Princetown make it the summer home of many more.

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Colours of New England

Colours of New England

It’s no secret New England’s one of the most popular places for an American road trip, and for good reason. This collection of states, from tiny Rhode Island to seaside-lined Maine, holds some of America’s most important history, most wow-worthy scenery, and most charming communities. Your adventures start and end in Boston, ‘cradle of American liberty’, where sightseeing is made easy by the 2.5 mile long Freedom Trail, which leads you to 16 significant landmarks. But this is more than a city break, and you’ll get to visit off-track places like Salem, a town unable (and unwilling) to shake of its 17th century witch hunt connections. Taking the scenic route, you’ll also travel to Cadillac Mountain in Maine; the White and Green Mountains, where you might spot the odd bear or moose; celebrated Plymouth Rock; and the sand dunes of Cape Cod. You could get your own snapshot of America’s most photographed lighthouse (no, we don’t know how they know that either) at Cape Neddick – and those on Cape Cod. You’ll stay in quintessentially American towns like the tiny waterfront community of Bar Harbor and swanky Newport, with its coastal dining venues and ‘gilded mansions’.

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