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Things to see and do in Big Island

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More about Big Island

There’s not really much that shouts 'getting out into nature' more than watching land form before your very eyes and you can see just that at the Kilauea Lava Flow Sea Entry. The red hot, glowing orange magma bubbles up from beneath Kilauea’s caldera and snakes down the volcano flowing right into the sea at the Waikupanaha ocean entry. Watch the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle from one of the boats, which regularly goes out and see Mother Nature trying to recreate something as awe-inspiring as you.

All this the swimming and looking gorgeous on the beach can leave you with a bit of an appetite. Cue Pololu Beach on Big Island with its Merriman’s Waimea restaurant which has been a national treasure for over two decades. Ninety percent of its menus are locally sourced from home-grown vine ripened tomatoes to pineapple plantations, to the fresh pole-line caught tuna. Dig in to Kalua pig and sweet onion quesadillas, the blackened shrimp Ala Plancha and the Maui gold pineapple and toasted macadamia nut pudding.

Cue Pololu Beach

Ditch the white sand beaches for something a little different at Punalu’u Beach on Big Island, which thanks to Hawaii’s volcanic activity, is home to black sands. There’s still swaying coconut palms and the rolling ocean, but your vistas will be just a bit more unique. Hawaiian green sea turtles may also potter onto the beach to meet you. Well, who wouldn't?

Punalu'u Beach

Ok, so it lucked out on being the tallest volcano in the world, but the Mauna Loa weighs in as the world’s largest active volcano. It takes up over half the island (with most of it sitting below the ocean). The mountain is deceptively tall and the trail long, so do some lunges before you set off. It’s a rather challenging 12.4 miles round-trip and the hike is steep (take plenty of water on the way), but once you’re on it, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of its neighbouring volcano, Mauna Kea.

Mauna Loa

Located in the Wailuku River State Park, this 24-metre gorgeous waterfall is surrounded by tropical jungle and well worth an early morning visit when there is a chance you can see a rainbow. 

Rainbow Falls

No stranger to royalty, Waipio Valley was once the childhood home of King Kamehameha I and with a name like ‘Valley of the Kings’ you’re sure to fit in. Sitting at one mile across and five miles deep, its cliffs scale over 2,000 feet high and with its dramatic tropical landscapes, it’s an area of serious beauty. Entwined with taro fields, rivers and waterfalls, its pièce de résistance is Hawaii’s tallest waterfall, Hiilawe Falls, which sends water cascading down over 1,300 feet. Meet the locals, as to this day over 100 residents live amongst the falls.

Waipio Valley