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Coastal Coffee Trail

Coastal Coffee Trail

Sometimes clichés are a good thing, and the Northwest’s reputation for great coffee is proof. With more baristas than ever, you're guaranteed a caffeine fix — after all, it’s where Starbucks™ first launched. And, in Seattle, you’ll quickly settle into that famous coffee bar scene, as you check out cool neighbourhoods like the Waterfront.

But, as you travel down this strip of coast, you’ll discover coffee’s only part of its story. Swapping city life for the Northwest’s untamed volcanic landscapes, travel through Mount Rainier National Park and past Mount St Helens. You’ll end up in Portland; contrastingly flat, it’s known for its walkability and, weirdly, food vans.

Your trail continues with the 40-mile long wind-sculpted Oregon Dunes, the wild beaches and crashing surf around Coos Bay, and the eye-catching lighthouses of Oregon’s coastline. These make way for the giants of Redwood National Park, rivalling skyscrapers in their height. Then serene countryside dotted with timeless towns like pretty Mendocino and historic Eureka, before the exclusive wine estates of Sonoma Valley. All before you return to urban living, and the coffee shops beyond the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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