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On the way


The flights we use for our holidays are based on specially negotiated airfares, which enable us to offer our holidays at such beneficial prices. However, to take advantage of these airfares, the flights used may not necessarily take the most direct route. Some flights will require a change of aircraft en route. On direct flights there is no need to change aircraft during the journey. However, stops may be made en route for refueling or to let passengers on and/or off. All flight times and routings quoted are subject to change without notice.

Flights referred to on this website are planned to be operated by the airlines referred to, but Virgin Holidays reserves the right to change airlines or aircraft type at any time. Such changes will not be regarded as a material change of the components of the holiday. Any changes in flight details will be notified to you or your travel agent. Inflight entertainment does not form part of your holiday. Virgin Atlantic aims to rectify any technical faults during the aircraft turnaround, however, neither Virgin Holidays nor Virgin Atlantic will be held responsible for any lack of availability due to technical faults or difficulties or aircraft changes.

Flight tickets and holiday documentation

After we have received payment of the balance, approximately 14 days before departure, your flight tickets and holiday documentation will be sent to you or your travel agent.

Delayed departure

Our Holidays are based on returned scheduled flights. It is the airline's responsibility to assist all passengers in the event of a delay or re-scheduling. However Virgin Holidays staff will be on hand to provide assistance and information whenever possible. With any prolonged delay, the airline will provide meals and accommodation where necessary.

Important note about travel dates


March is Spring Break time, when thousands of American college students descend on Florida for a little fun in the sun and many resorts can get very busy at this time.

The first week of June is unofficially designated Pride Week at the Walt Disney World Resort, with an extended programme of events taking place at theme parks and entertainment venues across Orlando.

All the theme parks get very busy around the main US holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please be aware that some special events, for example Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom Park, are ticketed separately and require booking in advance.

Muslim countries

You may find that there are restrictions on alcohol consumption, restaurant facilities and entertainment during the month of Ramadan, which is usually between July-August.

New England

Autumn (Fall) in New England is also referred to by locals as 'fall foliage' or 'leaf peeping' time. If you are planning to take your tour or holiday in September/ October, then please book early, as hotel rooms are in heavy demand.

In the Winter Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont become a winter wonderland - see our Ski Holidays page. Summer attractions close for the winter and so do some restaurants. In some areas they even believe the winter starts in September! Boston is as lively in winter as any big city but some of the more 'outdoor' attractions close - also in Plymouth and Cape Cod, but those special 'Inns' are just as welcoming in January as they are in July.

Baby food

You're not permitted to take fresh milk or jars of baby food into the US and US Customs will confiscate it! You can take a small amount of baby food in your hand luggage, for consumption on the flight only. Powder formula is allowed.


What extra measures do Virgin Atlantic taking to ensure safety on board the aircraft? The door to the Flight Deck is kept locked at all times and access is vigorously controlled. Sadly visits to the Flight Deck are no longer permitted, but we're sure you understand why. 

You may be asked to provide information, such as passport number, etc. for the carrier airline(s) at any time between booking and boarding the aircraft, which will only be used for security purposes and not disclosed to third parties not related to your travel arrangements.