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On board facilities

If you need a healthy dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ to recharge your batteries, you can’t get much better than the on board facilities on the Scarlet Lady. They’re designed to work organically so that your mind, body and spirit are pampered, indulged and cared for with a mix of high-energy adventures coupled with some serious rest and relaxation.

Scarlet Lady facilities have been created with you in mind, so there’s plenty of outdoor and outward-looking spaces where you can bliss out to a perfect Caribbean sunset, or re-energise with a dawn yoga session.



Health and wellbeing ship features

Holidays are meant to be adventures, where you discover new cultures, new places, and new sensations. But they’re also a chance to slow down, relax, and detox. On the Scarlet Lady you’ll find cruise ship facilities that go way beyond the average and into the exceptional, designed to look after your health and wellbeing.


Redemption spa


Take a wander up to Deck 5 and Redemption is at hand. This dazzling spa is inspired by an underwater cave, so it’s a fully immersive experience from the second you walk through the door. This hideaway has everything you need to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind and invigorate your soul.

Take a dip in the hydrotherapy pool, release your inner child with a mud bath (guaranteed to make you giggle as you squeeze mud through your toes), experience the skin-tingling sensation of a salt room, and zone out on a quartz bed. Add in a selection of the best spa treatments and your redemption is complete. Come back in the evening and the spa’s thermal suite has been transformed into an exclusive spa party.


Dry Dock

Dry Dock

Pampering yourself doesn’t stop at Redemption Spa. Need a little more TLC? Head up to deck 6 for Dry Dock, the on board beauty salon and the place to be for that show-stopping look.

Stubble & Groom

Stubble & Groom

It’s not all just for the girls on Deck 6 – we’ve got exclusive cruise facilities for the chaps too. Feel supreme after a visit to Stubble & Groom on deck 6, the most stylish men’s grooming salon for a tidy up, a trim, or a full-scale wet shave.

Treatment Room

Spa Treatments

From manicures to pedicures to the best massage you'll ever experience, Virgin Voyages has it covered with the very best pamper treatments available at Redemption Spa on deck 5.

B-Complex gym


If your idea of top-quality cruise ship facilities includes a kick-ass gym, the Scarlet Lady has you covered. The B-Complex features the ultimate well-being and fitness experience with its Build, Bike and Balance rooms, all with dramatic ocean views. For on-demand fitness head to deck 15 where the ship’s cruise features include gym spaces equipped with cutting-edge fitness technology.



B Complex Build


B Complex Bike


BComplex Balance



Wellbeing pool and bar


After working up a sweat in the gym or restoring yourself after a moment of reflection in the Redemption Spa, bask in the serenity zone by dipping in the Well-being Pool. Then boost your energy with a fresh, cold-pressed juice served at the Gym and Tonic bar on deck 15.


Wellbeing pool 1

The Athletic Club


Designed along the lines of retro athletic social clubs, the Athletic Club on deck 16 includes an outdoor active training camp, a boxing ring, a basketball court, and a refuelling station at the cold-pressed juice bar. Cruise facilities don’t get much better than this.

After you’ve run, jumped and generally given every muscle group a good pounding, chill out and relax on the biggest semi-circular day bed on the high seas. Fancy a bit of quiet time? Take a snooze in one of the cabana beds.


The Athletic Club

Outdoor Training Zone

Athletic Club sports Bar

The Sports Bar

The Athletic Club Day bed


Bright and buoyant cruise ship facilities

Richard's Rooftop


Virgin Voyages facilities on the Scarlet Lady include a nod to the founding father of the brand, Mr Branson himself. Richard’s Rooftop designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio is an exclusive and ultra-chic outdoor lounge reserved for the ship’s RockStar suite elite. This private club mashes up futuristic and retro to create a light and sound feast for the senses. Chill out and look gorgeous on circular loungers, while specially-designed coloured glass casts rainbows that dance their way across this unique outdoor lounge.


Richards Rooftop

Richard's Rooftop

Richard's Rooftop

Squid Ink


This is the trip of a lifetime, so why not ditch all the usual mementoes, tourist trinkets and souvenirs and get something that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life? When the Scarlet Lady sets sail next year there’ll be something a little bit special on offer - the ship’s very own tattoo studio. Tattoos have been part of the nautical tradition for centuries, so why not celebrate your own maritime adventure with your very own piece of body art? Inker-extraordinaire Lou Rubino Jr is wielding the needles, and this legendary artist can tattoo an exclusive voyage tattoo design, or you can create your own, very personal and special tattoo that’ll be with you for the rest of your life. If you’re eager to get inked, head to Deck 6, right in the centre of the ship.


Squid Ink

Squid Ink will also feature some of the world’s best guest tattooists, and all tattoos are done using World Famous Tattoo Ink original vegan ink. If you prefer to get various parts of your body pierced rather than go for a full-on tattoo, the studio will also be doing piercings as well.


Tasty cruise features - on board food and drink

Virgin Voyages facilities reach their peak when it comes to on board food and drinks. The dining experience on the Scarlet Lady is worlds away from your usual cruise features. Forget buffets, for starters. Forget scheduled seatings that force you to eat at a set time. You can choose when you eat, and what you want to eat.  Grab a quick meal on the go from The Galley, the ship’s very own market street filled with a world of food-truck inspired feasts, or take in dinner and a show at the Razzle Dazzle restaurant - the all singing, all dancing drag queen brunch.

Virgin Voyages have thought about everything when it comes to food and drink. From Tacos to Sushi, there's something for everyone, all freshly prepared on order.


See Restaurant and Dining


The Wake - Full size
Shows and events

When it comes to the entertainment on board the Scarlet Lady, nothing is predictable. From shows with a modern take on classic stories to interactive parties both on board and on land, the Scarlet Lady has thrown out the rulebook when it comes to cruise ship entertainment.

The creative team whose pulled all this together has developed a mix of original and unique show concepts where the entertainment offers bespoke experiences created exclusively for Virgin Voyages. You won’t just sit and watch – you’ll be fully immersed and even play your own part as you’re encouraged to join in. Become part of the experience on the Scarlet Lady.


See Entertainment



The Beach Club

The Beach Club

The only way to access Virgin Voyages' private beach club is on the Scarlet Lady. From morning yoga on the beach to DJ-led pool parties in the afternoon, this club is one of those exclusive Scarlet Lady facilities you won’t find anywhere else.

The Manor

The Manor

A two-story resident nightclub inspired by a classic theatrical ballroom that’s been mixed up with a decidedly playful and glamorous ‘70s punk vibe that echoes the early days of Virgin’s musical heritage. Awe-inspiring shows to kick the night off before it transitions into a nightclub that’ll have you dancing until dawn. After all, you’re allowed to miss that early-morning workout once in a while...

The Red Room

The Red Room

This live performance space is the first ever transformational theatre at sea. Offering festival-inspired shows uniquely created for Virgin Voyages.