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Epic eats and dining to make your mouth water

Let’s be honest, the food is one of the best bits of any cruise. Sure, you’re seeing wonderful new countries, meeting amazing people, and enjoying the holiday of a lifetime, but all of that excitement means you’re going to be burning off the calories like crazy. The Scarlet Lady will make sure you never run out of energy, with some of the best dining experiences on the high seas.

There’s none of the usual queues or regulated dining times. You won’t see the traditional cruise buffet, either. With over 20 food choices onboard, you can eat what you want, when you want it. Fancy a fruit smoothie and avocado-on-toast to get your day off to a healthy start? You’ve got it. Throwing caution (and the bathroom scales) to the wind with a midnight feast of epic proportions? The Galley’s open 24/7 so your every wish is taken care of. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a party with your mates, dressing up, dressing down, or drinks and snacks in the sun, the Scarlet Lady’s got dining on the sea down to a T.

Why is Scarlet Lady dining so good? Because compromise wasn’t a question when Virgin Voyages were looking for a head chef. They went right to the top of the food chain and partnered up with Michelin-starred legend Brad Farmerie. His signature dishes are a perfect fusion of freshness, originality, and fabulous flavours that’ll make anything else seem bland by comparison.


Show-stopping restaurants

The food is just half of the equation. Onboard the Scarlet Lady the ambience is just as important as the flavours, so the restaurants are designed to delight all the senses. Style surrounds you, from the tablecloths to the light fittings, the crockery to the curtains. This is all about creating a dining experience, not just serving food. Linger over your linguini, savour your salsa, and feel as if you’re sitting in a chic boutique hotel in Paris or Rome.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle

Indulge yourself in striking black and white surroundings, where the food is ‘naughty’ and the ambience is nice. Razzle Dazzle lets you unleash your inner vegan with a host of veggie dishes, as well as some marvellous meat dishes for the carnivores. The naughty bit of the menu involves livening up a fruit smoothie with a shot of something considerably stronger than mere blueberry juice. If you like some entertainment with your meal then head here for the drag brunch, where you’ll get roasted by the resident drag queen, who serves up bottomless cocktails and barbed quips.

Test Kitchen

Test kitchen

Take your cruise dining experience to a whole new level and learn something at the same time, so you can recreate those memories in your own kitchen back home. This part restaurant, part cooking school introduces you to a world of flavours, spices, and cooking skills. Always fancied being a mixologist? You can learn to shake your thang right here. Or discover what it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee (it’s harder than you think).

Pink Agave

Pink Agave

Forget high-street tacos and burritos from a vending machine – this is the real McCoy. Pink Agave is the Scarlet Lady’s Mexican hacienda, where you’ll go on a virtual tour of Mexico City and share the experience with your friends. There’s no ‘shake and bake’ instant Mexican food here, but authentic dishes including tlayudas, memelas, sopes, tortas, esquites, and tamales. Team it up with a signature Agua Fresca cocktail and you’re living la vida loca!



Bottoms up! A meal at this Korean restaurant starts with a complimentary round of soju, which pretty much sets the mood for an evening of mad drinking games and spicy food. The emphasis is on fun and flavours: a flameless grill in the middle of your table encourages you to play with your food, and rustle up your own delicious BBQ. Things may get crispier as the evening goes on, depending on how bad you are at those drinking games…



Throw on your best threads, head to the aft of the ship and spend an evening in glamorous sophistication and dining on the best surf and turf you’ll ever taste. Inspired by London’s Wolseley and New York’s The Grill, the centrepiece of the restaurant (apart from the food) has to be the grand staircase. Expect magnums of champagne, table-side mixologists, and even an innovative raw bar, for a unique flavour experience.

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin

Pasta just like mama used to make! Regionally-inspired food and handmade fresh pasta (no packets of dried spaghetti here) and a meal where the wine menu is as important as the food, gives you an authentic Italian dining experience. If you’re new to the joys of Italian wine, try it by the glass at the Coravin, and discover fruity, playful whites and bold, rich reds.

The Dock


Day or night, The Dock is the perfect chill-out spot with a distinctive beach theme that’ll have you lazing on loungers and snacking on little flavour bombs of Mediterranean mezze, dips and salads. Throw on a sarong, head up to Deck 7, and get into the Caribbean vibe. A top tip: check out the flame-grilled skewers – they’re insanely good!

The Gallery

The Galley

Need something quick and casual? The Galley is a cruise restaurant that isn’t your usual ‘sit down’ affair. It’s based around street food carts, where you can grab a grill, take away a taco, or nab some noodles. You’re free to come and go as you please, and the easy-going atmosphere has a real party feel. Eat your way around the world with everything from soups and salads, bento boxes or an authentic American burger at the 24-hour diner.

The Pizza Place

The Pizza Place

This is the place for pizza. Forget Naples or Rome, this is ‘buon cibo’ unlike any other, where Mama’s pizza meets Caribbean beach life. Chill out on one of the loungers and tuck into a pizza you’ve designed yourself. Perfect for late-night nibbles, a quick lunch, or a lazy brunch.

Food that's good for you and the planet

At Virgin Voyages, the team pride themselves on delivering a cruise dining experience that’s genuinely memorable. But that’s never done at the expense of the planet, so Virgin Voyages are committed to caring for the oceans by banning single-use plastics onboard (so no plastic straws with those cocktails). The ship doesn’t do buffets, to minimise food waste and keep energy use and emissions down. You won’t see take-away coffee cups, stirrers or plastic bottled water onboard, and guests are encouraged to support Virgin Voyages in their policy of using recyclable and reusable materials whenever and wherever possible.

Good to Know...

Soft Drinks

Stay Hydrated

Filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and coffees are inclusive of package costs to keep sailors hydrated at all times.

heart - gratuities inclu

Feeling Tip-sy

We know sailors feel the love from our fantastic onboard crew so for peace of mind, all gratuities are built into the cost of your package.


Hunger Strikes?

Midnight feast cravings? No problem! 24 hour food delivery service means a sailor never goes on an empty stomach.

Foodie heaven on Scarlet Lady voyages

Forget bread rolls and buffet sausages. Scarlet Lady restaurants introduce you to a new way of experiencing cruise dining at its best. But to try it, you’ve gotta buy it. Bookings are now available for Scarlet Lady voyages for the 2020 season, so if you’re an unashamed foodie and want to indulge your taste buds under the Caribbean sun, check out our Virgin Voyages itineraries.


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