Virgin Holidays Experiences

Why do you travel? For souvenirs and a suntan? Or is something inside you calling out for more than a hotel buffet and a swim-up bar…

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of taking the classic American road trip. Or touring California’s wine country. Or even – yes, really – driving a bulldozer.

Maybe you want to wake up in a luxurious Airstream trailer, then take to the skies in a state-of-the-art stunt plane. Or maybe you just want to track down the best tacos in LA.

For travellers like you, we’ve created Virgin Holidays Experiences: a collection of bespoke adventures, attractions, experience days and tours that are all but guaranteed to become best-ever memories. No matter what you’re into – adventure holiday or cultural excursion – Experiences let you take the things you love and use them to create truly personal, tailor-made holidays.

You already know what moves you. Now, let us turn it into the trip of a lifetime. Just call 0344 557 1725 to learn more about Experiences – available now for West Coast USA – or pop in for a chat at the following  Virgin Holidays stores »


Whale watching - Newport Beach, California

Whale Watching in Newport Beach

Did you know that La La Land isn’t just a prime location for spotting human celebs? Departing from Newport Harbour, this two and a half-hour boat tour off the Orange County coast gives you the opportunity to see giant blue, minke, finback, humpback and grey whales at close quarters, along with dolphins, sea lions and other indigenous marine life. Guided by an experienced crew, and employing some clever techniques to get you the best views – drones are used to spot activity from up high – you may even get close enough to feel the whales’ tail slaps on the surface and smell their fishy breath when they spout! 

City tour by vintage VW camper - San Francisco

Vintage VW Tour of San Francisco

Tuning into San Francisco’s hippy heritage isn’t the only reason this vintage VW minivan tour of 14 of the city’s famed districts is neato, but it’s a great place to start (man). Actually, aside from looking groovy, these classic six and seven-seaters – all characters themselves with names like Lillie, Harvey and Jerry –  are compact enough to reach fascinating corners of San Fran that regular tour buses can’t reach, giving them an edge that goes beyond their undeniably cool appearance. Driver guides are knowledgeable and super fun with it, and you’ll make plenty of stops for photo ops as you take in The Castro, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf and many other San Fran highlights.