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Your wedding should be as unique as you

Imagine your perfect wedding. Now picture it unfolding at a postcard-perfect Caribbean resort, at the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York, or on a balcony overlooking the South African bush. We've got good news: dreams do come true, and we can make your wedding ones a reality.


New York Weddings

Wedding settings include the beautiful, world famous Central Park or if you’d prefer something a little more personal check out the Conservatory Gardens, Central Park’s only private garden. Not tempted yet? Why not ascend 70 floors up above the bustling streets at the Rockefeller Center where you will find Top of the Rock or, for a no fuss wedding venue, there is the City Clerk’s office so you have more time to take in the sights!

Unique Canada Weddings

Canada weddings

Imagine your wedding day on the banks of a turquoise lake surrounded by glacier-clad peaks, blooming wildflowers and a crisp blue sky, while your guests gather to soak up the incredible views and await your arrival. When it comes to natural beauty as your wedding backdrop, it’s hard to beat Canada. For the perfect honeymoon, explore the natural beauty of the National Parks and enjoy the most scenic routes by driving or stepping aboard the award winning Rocky Mountaineer®. We offer endless opportunities in Canada for you to choose from!

Night Helicopter

Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, with truly amazing hotels. It's also the weddings capital of the USA. You couldn't find a more exciting, non-stop place to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon. There’s so much more to see and do once your special day is over. Plan a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon where you can enjoy a romantic champagne breakfast, or explore the themed resorts on the famous “Strip” including the magical fountain display at the Bellagio. Las Vegas has endless options to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Unique Florida Beach Weddings

Florida Beaches Weddings

Offering powder white sands and breathtaking sunsets, the Florida Beaches offer a once in a lifetime experience easily coupled with the Magic of Orlando! You can enjoy beautiful gardens, lush green golf courses and crystal blue waters whilst creating memories to last a lifetime.

Unique Orlando Weddings

Orlando Weddings

Get hitched in the sun with Orlando weddings and make your special day even more memorable. The perfect place to host your special day, no matter what you like; whether its discovering a magical paradise that promises adventure and relaxation, or the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. With a mix of getting back to nature, or celebrating your day in a quaint local town, there's something for everyone!