Hurricane Beryl in the Caribbean – Virgin Atlantic Holidays Customers

Last updated: Wednesday 10th July 2024 – 08:52


Tropical Storm Beryl - continues to move through the Gulf of Mexico. Beryl has weakened further to a tropical storm and is moving towards the Texas coastline where it is expected to make landfall later this evening.  The current track has the storm moving northeastwards across Texas.



As a result of Hurricane Beryl, we are reviewing all destinations impacted to assess any damage sustained during the storm.

If your resort or any facilities are not due to be open in time for your dates of travel please be assured we will contact you directly with your options, so there is no need to do anything.


Our Resort Teams and Duty Office are experiencing a high volume of contact and it is taking us longer than we would like to respond.


Please remain in your hotels and follow instructions issued by local authorities and hotels. 

We are aware that flight VS108 05JUL JAMAICA to LONDON HEATHROW has been cancelled due to ground handling and airport infrastructure challenges.  We have begun working on extending your current hotels if you have been affected by the cancellation, therefore please remain where you are. 

Please see below general Q&A’s that may help answer some of your queries:


Can I change my flight to an earlier date?

Availability leaving the islands is limited, however our teams will do their best to look at alternative options for you (subject to availability).  Please be aware that Virgin Atlantic are currently assessing their flying program and working with the local airport authorities to understand if the Hurricane will impact scheduled flights.  Contact information is at the bottom of this update.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

We will contact any affected customers with their rebooked flight details should Virgin Atlantic have to cancel any schedule services.


How will I find out what my new Virgin Atlantic flight details are?

If your flight is with Virgin Atlantic, please continue to check My Booking on the Virgin Atlantic website or the Virgin Atlantic app for the latest changes to your flight itinerary. Please note that the flights shown in your Virgin Holidays Manage My Booking and the Virgin Holidays App will be your original flights, and not those you have been rebooked on to. Please do not go to the airport until you have received confirmed details of your new flights.


How will I find out what my new flight details are if I’ve booked with another airline?

If you are travelling with another airline, please check the ‘manage my booking’ section of that airline’s website.  

What happens if my flight is cancelled, and I have nowhere to stay?

Should your flight be disrupted, and you have checked out of your current hotel, our resort teams can support with securing accommodation for any additional nights. Alternatively, if you are booked on a package holiday, and you are able to source your own accommodation, please keep receipts for reasonable expenses and these can be considered for reimbursement.


Alternatively, you can email us, but email responses may take a bit longer:

Virgin Atlantic Holidays





To reassure you, preparedness is the best defense, so please familiarise yourself with the daily weather forecasts, local news and monitoring the National Hurricane Center’s website:


In addition to the government recommendations for preparedness, the following precautions should be taken:

  1. If you are scheduled to depart during this time, please check your Virgin Atlantic My Booking – any flight changes will be communicated here: My Booking
  2. Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Atlantic Holidays also have updates posted on their Travel Advice page:

  1. Virgin Atlantic Holidays and Hotels generally do not provide emergency/hurricane supply kits. If it is safe to do so, obtain a supply of bottled water and non-perishable food items/snacks, along with a torch and batteries from a local shop.
  2. Avoid travelling anywhere by car wherever possible as there may be road closures in place and it is likely to be unsafe.
  3. Ensure all travel documents and cash are secure and kept in a plastic bag. 
  4. Fill the bath and any other watertight container with water for use as an emergency drinking supply and toilet flush.
  5. Do not go outside when the hurricane is passing over, often the eye of the storm (the centre of the storm) is mistaken for the end of the storm which it is not; there is an equally severe tail wind that passes by.  You should only go outside when the ‘all clear’ has been given by the local authorities.
  6. The neighborhood or property you are staying in may lose power or utilities.  The local provider of the utility will be working to restore services as soon as it becomes safe to do so, you do not need to report this immediately.
  7. It is worth ensuring all your mobile phones and any other devices you need are kept fully charged in case the power does go out.
  8. Have some toys, books or games handy if you have children.
  9. If you have medication you take regularly, keep this safe in a plastic bag and with you at all times.