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Environmental sustainability

Sustainability is something we take very seriously. It is about doing good, taking our responsibility as a company, as employees and as people.

As a long-haul holiday company, our biggest impact is from flying to our destinations. Therefore, carbon reduction is our top environmental priority. 80% of our flights are operated by our own airline Virgin Atlantic who are:

  • Investing in new, more efficient fleet (~30% less carbon per trip)
  • Improving operational procedures, like pilots flying more efficiently
  • Innovating on ground-breaking new sustainable aviation fuels
  • Actively supporting the new global UN-Led Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Check out for full details.

Additionally, we are encouraging our partner hotels to reduce their carbon emissions, as well as reducing water and waste where they can. Our facilities team is also working on a range of measures across our ground operations too, reducing product, waste and energy consumption for more than a decade.

We report on our progress, including calculating our carbon footprint, in the annual Change is in the Air Sustainability Report with Virgin Atlantic. And we know that our biggest impact as a holiday company comes from what is known as Scope 3 emissions – those created indirectly by the products and services we use. We are therefore focused on working with our supply chain to improve – you can find out more here.





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