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Animal Welfare
Animal welfare

At Virgin Holidays we love animals. Therefore, we love to give you an opportunity during your holiday to experience the animals that may be different from what you can see at home. Alongside this, we are committed to ensure the experience is enjoyable for both the animals and our customers. To do this, we have supported the development of the ABTA animal welfare guidelines and aim for all our excursions and attractions to meet these standards.


Whales and dolphins

We have a long standing commitment in shaping a long term vision for captive whales and dolphins in tourism. All information about our vision, commitment, achievements and partnerships can be found here.


Keep an eye out for us!

As we can’t be everywhere all the time, and we realise that incidents may happen on occasions that we are not aware of, please help us by informing us of any event where you witness any animal mistreatment or have concerns about an animal's welfare.

When you inform us about any issues relating to the welfare of an animal, please be as specific and objective as you can in describing the issue and ensure you include:

  • What country you were in
  • What attraction you were at
  • What activity or event was it
  • What animals did the issue relate to
  • Did you raise the concern to any member of staff at the time? If so, what was the response you recieved?

If you have any pictures or other evidence, please be sure to include this in your report, it will really help us to follow up on the incident.

Please kindly inform the local rep if it is possible to do so and also send an email with all the relevant details to:

Thank you for your help.

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