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Manchester v-room FAQs

Q. What is the Virgin Holidays v-room?

A. The v-room is an exclusive tour operator lounge for Virgin Holidays customers who are travelling from Gatwick and Manchester Airports. In order to book the lounge, a package holiday would need to be booked with Virgin Holidays and the lounge would be subject to availability and subject to the relevant costs for your travel dates.

The lounge can be added to you holiday booking at the time of booking with Virgin Holidays. Alternatively login to Manage my booking, or call us on 0344 557 9813 to check costs and availability.

Q. I have booked a flight with Virgin Atlantic, can I access the v-room?

A. If your flight has been booked in conjunction with a package holiday with Virgin Holidays then we would be able to check costs and subject to availability book you into the v-room. As the v-room is exclusive to Virgin Holidays customers, should your flight be booked as a flight only with Virgin Atlantic or in conjunction with a package holiday booked via an alternative Tour Operator, we would not be able to provide lounge access.

Q. Where is the v-room located?

A. The v-room is located in Terminal 2 departures at Manchester Airport. Once through security, you would head through the Duty Free Shop and there are stairs or a lift to take you to the lounges next to JD Sports.

Q. What time does the v-room open?

A. The v-room opens in line with the Virgin Atlantic flying program. The lounge opens 3 hours prior to the 1st Virgin Atlantic flight based on the customers that we have booked into the v-room lounge and closes once all the Virgin Atlantic flights have been called for boarding.

If we do not have anyone booked through Virgin Holidays into the v-room for the 1st flight of the day then the lounge will open 3 hours prior to the Virgin Atlantic flight that we do have customers booked into the lounge on.

When you purchase access to the v-room, you are able to access the lounge up to 3 hours prior to your flight departure time. If you arrive to the lounge earlier than this, our v-room team would ask you to leave.

Q. How much is entry to the Virgin Holidays v-room Lounge?

A. The v-room prices start from £20 per adult and £12 per child. Child ages are 2–11 years inclusive. Infants under 2 are free and teenagers aged 12 years and above would pay the adult price.

Q. What does access to the v-room include?

A. Access to the v-room includes hot breakfast, pastries, fruits, yoghurts and cereals. All soft drinks are included within the v-room costs. The lounge has free Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines and comfortable seating areas. Our food in the v-room is based on a self-service option apart from the hot food that will be served to you by our chef. Whilst alcohol is not included in the costs for the v-room, we do have a pay bar where alcohol can be purchased once in the lounge. Full details on our v-room facilities can be found on the main page below.

Q. I have not pre-booked the v-room, can I pay to use the v-room on my day of departure?

A. Whilst we always recommend booking the v-room in advance to guarantee your availability, we are able to book the v-room for Virgin Holidays customers on the day of departure. It would be subject to availability and cost. The lounge would be added to your existing Virgin Holidays booking. 

Q. Is there a dress code for the v-room?

A. There’s no dress code for the v-room as we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible. Just be mindful that the lounge is available to everyone including families.

Q. How do I know my flight is boarding and the distance to the departure gates from the v-room?

A. The airlines use a number of different gates to board your flights. The timeframes to the gates vary and are from a couple of minutes up to 10 minutes.

In the v-room we have flight departure boards which will show up to date information on all flights departing. This will be updated by our v-room team once the gate is open for your flight and once the flight is ready for boarding.

The team will also do flight announcements in the lounge, again to keep you informed once your flight is ready for you. When the v-room team notify you that the flight is ready for boarding the gate distances from the lounge will be taken into consideration.

Q. I am a nervous flier and prefer to get to the gate early, can I do this?

A. The v-room team are in constant contact with the airline. If your preference is to arrive at the gate earlier so that you can pre-board the aircraft, please notify a v-room staff member when you enter the lounge and they will ensure that they advise you in advance of boarding so that you can make your way to the gate area earlier.

Q. I have arranged airport assistance, how will I know when it is time to leave the v-room?

A. On arrival into the v-room, please advise the v-room team that you have assistance pre-arranged. They will keep in close contact with the airport assistance team and ensure that they are aware that you are in the v-room. The v-room team will then bring the assistance team over to you once they are ready for you to go to the gate area.

Q. Are there smoking facilities in the v-room?

A. There are no smoking facilities in the v-room, this also include any type of vapour or electronic style cigarettes. At Manchester Airport, they do have a smoking facility available. This is located by Gate 300. Our v-room team can point you in the right direction.

Q. Can I check in my Alamo Car Hire in the v-room?

A. Alamo online check in facilities can be used from your own home via the web address: and this can normally done as quickly as a week after you have booked your holiday with Virgin Holidays.

Whilst we would also recommend doing this at home prior to arriving at the v-room, we do have a facility to check in your Alamo car hire in the v-room as long as the car hire has been booked via Virgin Holidays.

Please note that on selected days, Alamo do take their online system offline for routine maintenance. If this should happen we would not be able to assist with the check in facility, so this is another reason we recommend that this is completed at home prior to travel.

Q. Do you have charge points in the lounge?

A. In the v-room Manchester we have plenty of plug sockets located around the lounge, so you will be able to connect up and charge your devices at your leisure. We do also carry some phone charges for you to use in the lounge, but would always recommend that you bring your own in case we do not have the correct one for your device.

Q. Do you have a luggage store area in the v-room?

A. I’m afraid we do not have areas to store luggage in the v-room, this must be kept with you at all times for security reasons.

Q. Do you supply baby food and provide facilities for infants in the v-room?

A. We do not provide baby food in the v-room, so you will need to bring our own baby food into the lounge.

Our catering team can assist with bottle warming for you and we can provide high chairs in the lounge. Our special assistance toilet does feature a baby changing table that can be used whilst in the v-room. You will need to bring your own wipes and nappies.

Q. Is the v-room suitable for wheelchair users?

A. Absolutely. There are lift options to come up to the v-room and the lounge has been designed on one level with plenty of space. We also have a wheelchair accessible toilet available.

Q. I am diabetic, do you have a sharps box?

A. We have this available for you. Please speak to one of the v-room team and they will provide this to you.

Q. I have special dietary requirements, will you cater for these?

A. In the v-room we try to cater for key dietary requirements; however if you have specific requirements, please contact the team with all the information prior to travel so we can confirm what we will be able to provide.

Our caterers do provide the following. Again - please ensure that you notify us prior to travel so our catering team will be able to arrange these items for you on 0344 557 9813.

Soya milk, Vegetarian sausages, gluten free bread and a selection of gluten free cakes.

Q. I have a nut allergy do you cater for this?

A. Although we do our best to cater for allergies, we are unable to guarantee this as some of our products do include nuts and all products may have come into contact with nuts in the factory where they are manufactured.

Q. Is the food in the lounge self-service?

A. Yes, apart from the hot food that our chef will serve for you and the bar that our staff will serve to you – all other items are self-service.

Q. Do you have toilet facilities in the v-room?

A. Yes, we have separate toilets for ladies, gentlemen and also a special assistance toilet that includes a baby change facility.

Q. What is the minimum age for the grown up area in the v-room?

A. We do have an area in the v-room that is our ‘grown up area’. The minimum age normally for this area is 12 years old; however at peak school holiday periods we do have a large number of families in the lounge and at times we may allow younger children in this area if required.

Q. Once I have booked into the v-room can I go shopping?

A. Yes, when using the v-room you do have the freedom to come and go. We do not have locker facilities so you will need to ensure that you keep your belongings with you at all times.

Q. I have a domestic flight on my return. Could I book the v-room whilst I wait for my flight connection?

A. As long as your domestic flight departs from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport and the times fit in conjunction with the Virgin Atlantic flying schedule, then we would be able to book the v-room for your return flight. Access to the lounge again would be granted 3 hours prior to your flight departure and the lounge would be subject to availability and the correct prices. It would need to be added to your package holiday booked through Virgin holidays.