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Cobra's Curse®

Cobra's Curse

The statue of the Snake King, a once kind and powerful ruler betrayed by his subjects, has been unearthed at the park by a team of archaeologists. Little did they know they also freed his long-buried fury… Rise on a vertical lift to face the looming cobra icon with fangs bared, before speeding along: spinning backward, forward and freely. As you soar through the air over the gorgeous Serengeti Plain you’ll hear the hissing of the Snake King casting his ancient Egyptian curse on you. 


Falcons Fury®

Falcons Fury

You are the mighty falcon, ascending slowing to your lofty perch. As you spot your prey far below, you tilt forward to face the ground, you stop…wait…then swoop downward at speed. With legs dangling, face diving and heart pounding, this freestanding drop tower is the ultimate adrenalin rush.

Cheetah Hunt®

Cheetah Hunt

You stalk your prey through the long grasses of the Serengeti Plain, priming yourself to pounce. You launch suddenly into the chase, with the agility and power of the fastest animal on earth. With twists, turns, airtime and accelerations - expect to be left breathless.

Cheetah Run®

Cheetah Run

At the crossroads of culture at Cheetah Run you'll learn firsthand why the cheetah has been celebrated for centuries. This ancient realm puts you just a whisker away from the world's fastest land animals. Look into their eyes. See them run. It's a new point of view guaranteed to get your heart racing.



Come within a whisker of some of the world’s rarest animals and hop on some wild rides. The animal habitats are home to friendly orangutans, playful gibbons, flying foxes and majestic Bengal tigers. After seeing the tigers taking a dip in their plunge pool, little ones can cool off in a water-play area. Bigger kids can get inspired by the apes and go climbing nets, bridges, crawl tubes and a multi-level maze. Young adventurers can fly over the area on the Jungala Flyers Zip Line and the whole family can enjoy a thrilling view as they launch out of a 35-foot mountain crater on The Wild Surge ride. With breath-taking experiences for every age, it’s the perfect place to spend quality time together.



Dive, loop and glide through the air on this floorless coaster inspired by a hawk’s graceful flight. With legs dangling over the edge, you wait with breath held not knowing how long before you’ll drop. A sudden vertical dive then you’re soaring around the track at 70mph. You’ll even help onlookers cool down in the Florida heat as the ride completes with an epic splashdown - soaking anyone close by!

Edge of Africa®

Edge of Africa

Wander at your own pace through beautiful leafy habitats on this walking safari. See lions lazing in the sun, hippos bathing in their pool and a cautious clan of meerkats keeping lookout. Stroll past vast spaces with lemurs, hippos, crocodiles and many more native African animals. Find out the different feeding times for the opportunity to observe, ask our keepers questions and meet the animals face to face!



If you can hear the distant roar of a lion, you’ve crossed into his territory. Natives call this roar the Kumba and it is something to be feared. The coaster that shares its name also causes hair-raising dread. Begin by braving a 135ft drop, then plunge into a diving loop, defy gravity with 3 seconds of utter weightlessness on 360-degree spirals, then rip and roar through one of the world's largest vertical loops.

Sesame Street® Safari of Fun®

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Sesame Street has gone on safari! Join Elmo, Big Bird and all their friends for kid-sized rides, shows and colourful play areas inspired by Africa. Little ones can get a photo taken with their favourite character, grab a bite to eat with Elmo and Friends*, cool off by splashing about in Bert and Ernie’s Watering Hole and even brave their first junior rollercoaster Air Grover. They can hop on carousels, swing rides and a mini water flume. It’s the perfect place to let your little one’s imagination run wild…

*available to do on select days and with an additional charge.

Serengeti Express Train

Serengeti Express

Take in the beauty of our vast Serengeti Plain on this replica locomotive train as it loops around the park dropping people off. If your group includes little ones, older members or anyone who finds walking long distances uncomfortable, this is a relaxing way to get around the park. But it’s much more than just transport; it’s a chance to see free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebras, antelope and even the odd ostrich; hear live commentary from an on-board guide and get a peek at some of the rides and attractions you’ll want to explore later.



Prepare to feel the wrath of Montu; the Egyptian god of war; on one of the longest and tallest inverted rollercoasters in the world. Climb high into the air and wait with a pounding heart to twist, drop and loop with your legs dangling helplessly beneath you. Rollercoaster enthusiasts hold tight for a 60-foot vertical loop, an Immelmann loop, a batwing inversion, a weightless roll and 60mph speeds. Let’s just say it’s not for the faint hearted…

Stanley Falls® 

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Let the currents of this log flume ride rush you along a winding path surrounded by lush green jungle foliage, and then race you upward and over a plummeting drop of 40-foot into a big splash finale. Inspired by the world’s largest waterfalls, it’s a thrilling way for your family to cool off in the Florida sunshine.

Congo River Rapids®

Congo River Rapids

Let the swift-flowing white water rapids whisk you and your whole family away. Spin through arcing water jets, plunge past looming waterfalls and through a mysterious water cave. Watch out for onlookers firing water jets at your raft as you pass by! There’s simply no predicting who will get a refreshing splash from the rapids and who will leave the ride completely soaked.

Myombe Reserve 

Myombe Reserve

Wander through this thick green rainforest, home to magnificent lowland gorillas and cheeky chimpanzees. Travel past cooling waterfalls, through mist and fog to get an up-close look at these fascinating primates in their vast leafy habitat. Marvel as you watch the chimpanzees socialise with each other and see the gorillas construct “beds” out of vegetation to sleep on at night.

Animal Care Center

Animal Care Center

Busch Gardens is home to 12,000 animals and each species has unique needs. We maintain the well-being of all the animals in our care with regular veterinary check-ups. From nutrition to treatments, X-rays to surgeries; you can observe so much in this state-of-the-art facility. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see and even take part in animal care.

Serengeti Plain®

Serengeti Plain

This beautiful environment stretches across 65-acres with tiered and open landscapes covered with African grasses, scrub trees, shrubs, naturalistic rock formations, creek beds and mud banks. Roaming freely through the habitat are giraffes, rhinos, wildebeests, antelope, ostriches and more. You can glimpse these native African animals from the Serengeti Railway and Skyride, or you get up close to them on the Serengeti Safari.

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