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Infinity Falls™ 

Infinity Falls

Beneath a canopy of lush green foliage and surrounded by towering trees you’ll find a raft to board. Journey past drenching waterfalls to unearth the secrets of this lost rainforest river. You’d better hold on tight, because those roaring rapids might just send you plummeting over a huge drop into the churning white-water below. Would you expect anything less from the world’s tallest river rapid drop?

Kraken® Unleashed: Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

Kraken Unleashed

Don your virtual reality headset to embark on a deep-sea mission! As the rollercoaster twists and turns, you’ll narrowly avoid the clutches of sea creatures inspired by legendary animals of the past. You'll come face-to-face with the mighty Kraken itself and other ancient beasts as you plunge into their world with your legs dangling… 


SeaWorld Parks

Stalk and chase your prey through a sunken shipwreck, your perfect hunting ground. As one of the fastest sharks in the ocean: you dive deep, turn sharply and soar upwards so suddenly that you float right out of your seat in moments of total weightlessness… Thrill-seekers look no further than this record-breaking hypercoaster. 

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®


Brace yourself for the cold as you explore the Antarctic from a penguin’s point of view on this immersive family ride. Waddle, slide and swim with Puck the penguin to discover how he survives the bitter cold of the South Pole. Spectacular light displays mimic what penguins experience in Antarctica, while the gentle movement of the ride mimics Puck swimming in the ocean. As Puck re-joins his colony on land, you’re spun around to face a real life colony of 250 penguins in a snowy, rocky habitat.

One Ocean®

One Ocean

Be left wonderstruck by this energetic and inspirational display with magnificent killer whales. There’s dancing fountains, vast panoramic screens, light displays, stunning underwater imagery and real life killer whales. For many just seeing these animals in person is a bucket list worthy experience. At One Ocean you can even sit close enough to get soaked by Shamu’s tail splashes. 



You’re a giant manta ray gliding gracefully through the sky. Face-down and head-first you skim the lagoon surface with an outstretched wing. Prepare to plummet, spin and soar through the high seas at high speeds on this smooth, floorless coaster.

Dolphin Days®

Dolphin Days

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and tropical macaws star in this exciting show. See their different personalities and unique strength, speed and agility come to life in impressive jumps and swimming. All whilst vibrantly colourful birds flutter overhead. You’ll leave the show inspired by these intelligent animals and better informed on how to protect them in the wild.


Turtle Trek

Come get a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders. On your way to see TurtleTrek you’ll pass two large aquariums; one with rescued manatees and the other with sea turtles. Animal experts are on hand to tell you all about these gentle giants. Then pick up a pair of 3D glasses as you enter the domed theatre, for an all-immersive 360° 3D screening of the perilous journey sea turtles endure from birth to adulthood. On the first and only screen of its kind, the ocean’s creatures appear close enough to touch…

Wild Arctic®

Wild Artic

Fly over breathtaking views of the North’s icy landscapes on your way to the Arctic Base Station. This flight simulator lets you feel every bump and dip as the pilot manoeuvres treacherous frozen peaks and swoops down to show you wildlife. Once you arrive safely at base camp, you’ll wind your way through the ice caverns to a domed chilly habitat with incredible Arctic animals. 

Journey to Atlantis®

Journey to Atlantis

Climb into your boat to enter the lost city of Atlantis. Travel through darkened cave tunnels with luminous coral, aquatic plants and stars to light your way. Leave the sunken city by plunging down a thrilling drop that soaks all on board. That’s when this water ride takes an unexpected turn… Prepare to get drenched!

Manatee Rehabilitation Area

Manatee Rehabilitation Centre

Peek behind the scenes of SeaWorld at our manatee rescue and rehabilitation centre. Wander along paths leading to different viewing areas and a space overlooking the rehabilitation pool. Through interactive displays, talking to animal experts and live underwater footage, you’ll learn all about the challenges these lettuce-loving gentle giants face in the wild. 

Dolphin Nursery

Dolphin Nursery
Watch as dolphin calves practice jumping, playing, and communicating with their mothers and other newborns. See your own little ones become mesmerised by this rare glimpse at a dolphin’s early life. There are wide glass panels, a multi-level viewing area, a large digital screen displaying fun facts and animal experts on hand to answer questions. You’ll learn lots about these beautiful animals and their heart-warming maternal bonds.

Shark Encounter

Shark encounter

Gasp in awe as you stand just inches from a deadly predator that has stalked the seas since before dinosaurs roamed the earth… Thanks to the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnel, you can be totally safe whilst completely surrounded by moray eels, lion fish, puffer fish, swordfish, barracudas and sharks. Get a rare up close look at these fearsome creatures as they swim all around you. 

Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High

Clyde and Seamore

Your whole family will laugh aloud at this silly splashy adventure, set in an aquatic-themed high school. Cheer for Clyde and Seamore, two sea lion pupils who need to complete some crash courses in order to graduate from Sea Lion High. The naturally big and playful personalities of sea lions, walruses and otters make them the perfect stars for this comedic show.

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