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Sustainable hotels


Sustainable hotels

Travel Life

People and planet-friendly hotels


We’re working with our hotel partners to encourage greater sustainability, making sure the people that work there are treated well, environmental impacts are minimised and local communities feel that tourism is an asset rather than a burden. 

Some of the hotels we feature in our holidays are certified by Travelife, or other certification recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. This means they are measuring and managing their energy use and water consumption, minimising waste, doing their bit for conservation and biodiversity, and helping staff and customers understand environmental and social issues.

We’re working hard to encourage more of our suppliers to join schemes like these and integrate sustainability actions into their operations. We believe this makes for a better experience for you, a better experience for local communities and wildlife and a better impact on the planet overall. For more information, head to Travelife or the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

What can I do?

Help keep holiday destinations beautiful and the people living in them happy to see you, by applying some Human Nature of your own….

  • Water is precious — use it carefully. Don't leave taps running, take showers instead of baths and reuse your towels.
  • Save energy and cut down on CO2 by switching off lights, fans, air conditioning and chargers when you’re not in your room.
  • Get out and explore beyond your hotel. Support the local economy by sampling regional dishes at locally owned restaurants, buy locally produced food and drink or souvenirs that are genuinely made in the area.
  • Take re-useable shopping bags if you’re picking up a few treats, or re-usable water bottles (or filter bottles) to fill up if you’re going somewhere drinking water isn’t available on tap. A portable, re-useable coffee cup will also save on the need for plastic-lined paper cups too.
  • Think before you throw. Take your rubbish to a bin or back to your hotel with you, and look for local recycling opportunities. Really toxic things like used batteries should be bought back to the UK where they can be safely recycled.
  • Avoid buying souvenirs made from shells, turtle shell, coral or any other wildlife — you'll be contributing to their exploitation and some of it will be illegal to bring home.
  • And remember you can offset your flight to reduce your carbon footprint – visit to find out more.