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Local time


English widely spoken


Sri Lankan Rupee
Official currency of Sri Lanka

Do I need a visa?

Yes. You will need a visa to enter Sri Lanka. You can get a short stay visa online at Tourist visas are normally issued for a maximum period of 30 days.

Flight information

Colombo (CMB)
11 hours
Direct with Sri Lankan

Flight schedule

  • Sri Lankan Airlines' flights to Colombo depart daily from Heathrow.
  • Emirates depart daily (via Dubai) from across the UK.
  • Qatar via Doha depart daily from Heathrow & Manchester.

Best time to go

The country enjoys near-perfect weather all the year round, with average temperatures hovering around 30° (86° F) in the coastal areas, but much cooler at around 19° (67° F) up in the hills that are central to the island. The mountains create rainy seasons at differing times to other parts of the island.

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