Pay your way

We don't want a little thing like money to get in the way of your well earned holiday, so we've given you all the flexibility your bank manager's heart desires.

You'll need to secure your holiday with our standard deposit of £175 per person (including children) which can be paid for by credit or debit card.

Provided your holiday is more than a few months away, you can spread the remaining cost by setting up a Direct Debit or paying off chunks using your card by logging into Manage my booking.

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Points plus Money

Spend less, earn more

Use your points to spend less money on your next Virgin Holiday. By using multiples of 3,000 points, you can reduce the cost of your holiday and still earn points and tier points on the discounted journey you’ve taken.

The more points you use, the bigger your discount meaning that dream destination could be closer than you think. 

Direct Debit logo

Direct Debit

Spread the cost

It's easy to spread your holiday cost over a period of months by setting up a Direct Debit. 

It also comes with a guarantee which means you're automatically protected and can cancel your payments any time.

Set up your Direct Debit while booking online, by phone or in store, then sit back and relax knowing your holiday is paid for.

Ways to pay

Credit or debit card

One card, two cards - We're easy

Whether you're simply paying your deposit, paying in chunks or paying in full, you can now split the cost across multiple cards.

We accept all major credit and debit cards and won't charge you fees.

Perfect, more spending money for your holiday.

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Secure online booking

You are safe with us!

Your security and confidentiality is our highest priority so we encrypt your details as they are being sent back and forth across the Internet with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an industry leading security protocol. If you want more information please read our privacy statement.