Destinations in Gold Coast Beaches

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Holidays in Cocoa Beach
Gold Coast Beaches

An hour’s drive from Orlando and a stone’s throw away from the Kennedy Space Centre and Brevard Zoo, this quintessential coastal town is where swathes of sandy beach and bath-warm seawater make for a blissful sunshine escape. The best in the universe, we’d say.

Holidays in New Smyrna Beach
Gold Coast Beaches

Nestled between the engine-revving Daytona Beach and planet-orbiting Kennedy Space Centre, New Smyrna Beach offers up a decidedly more easygoing vibe than its neighbours.

St Augustine, Florida
Holidays in St Augustine
Gold Coast Beaches

The most charming corner of the Sunshine State is without a doubt, St Augustine, known as ‘America’s Oldest City’. It’s just two hours’ away from the thrills of Orlando, yet the centuries-old fort, horse-drawn carriages and pretty cobbled streets take you on a captivating journey through history.

Holidays in Fort Lauderdale

Gold Coast Beaches
With intricate canals and waterways and over 4,000 restaurants, Fort Lauderdale has been dubbed the ‘Venice of America’ and rightly so. With upscale shopping, fine dining and sun-soaked beaches, this is a glorious place to kick back and enjoy some gelato.
Daytona Beach

Holidays in Daytona Beach

Gold Coast Beaches
Daytona Beach is so much more, and a holiday destination in its own right. Known for its boardwalk and pier with numerous arcades, as well as the renowned Speedway NASCAR races in February, Daytona is well worth a visit for any car enthusiast. This stunning 23-mile-long pristine stretch of white-sand beach can be discovered with just a one-hour drive from Orlando and the theme parks, and offers an altogether different experience.

Holidays in Palm Beach

Gold Coast Beaches
Separated from the mainland by Lake Worth Lagoon, the Palm Beaches are known for their gorgeous shores, rich culture, and spectacular shopping. Across the water, the fun continues in buzzy West Palm Beach. Fabulous food, awe-inspiring attractions and beautiful beaches await visitors to this Gold Coast destination - an ideal escape for those who want to see a different side of the Sunshine State.