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Rev up your motor, set the sat-nav and make sure you’ve got a tin of sucky sweets in the glove box — we’re heading off along the highways and byways of the USA and Canada. Car hire in the USA is the best way to see as much of this insanely big, brash, and complex country, and you can even hop over the border and check out its northern cousin, Canada. Car hire in America is also probably the most cost-effective way to plan a holiday, and with car rental offers and special deals, your dollar goes miles further.


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Partnered with Hertz, rent a car in the USA and begin the adventure of a lifetime, navigating the legendary American highways.

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From Route 66 to the Pacific Highway, the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver, the USA and Canada offer you an open-road experience like no other. Every town is different, every view is worth a picture, and every gas station stop will make you feel like a true 21st century pioneer, discovering the marvels of this amazing continent for the first time.

Here's some inspiration to get you started:

Route 66 Car Hire

Route 66

Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. Route 66 takes you from Chicago to California, slap-bang through the middle of America. If you've only ever clung to the East or West Coast regions, then it's time to discover the 'real' America. Cruise through Kansas, wander through Wyoming, and make tracks through Missouri.

The Rockies Car Hire

The Rockies

Magnificent, insanely big, and one of the true natural wonders of America, driving through the Rockies in a hire car is the experience of a lifetime. A word of advice - it gets cold up there so don't go for a convertible; pick a saloon with a good heater. 

City Break Car Hire

City Breaks

Every city in the USA has it's own unique personality. From the excesses of LA and the hippy vibe of San Francisco, to the sophistication of Boston and the splendor of Washington DC, America's cities are ideal for exploring. They're laid out in a grid system too (apart from Boston), so they're easy to navigate and very car friendly. 

Florida Sale

Explore the Sunshine State

Florida is a diverse state - from the thrills and spills in Orlando, to the bright lights of Miami, to the calming sound of the waves against the sand on the Gulf Coast. 

So why should you limit yourself to just one destination. Fly into Tampa, Orlando or Miami and pick up a car, and explore it all!


If you thought a driving holiday in the USA was fun, just wait until you see its northern cousin! Canada is almost as big as the USA, but with fewer people, more moose, and a whole heap of potential road trips that’ll take you through some of the best scenery in the world. And no, it’s not always snowing in Canada – head to Toronto in the summer and you’ll be wandering around its charming Victorian streets in your t-shirt. Here’s a few top spots to check out if you decide to opt for Canada for your holiday:

Toronto Car Hire


This is the largest city in Canada so there's plenty of history to explore here. It's super-easy to get around as the entire city is laid out in a grid pattern (similar to cities in the USA). You're in the epicentre of the most Canadian of traditions - ice hockey! The Toronto Maple Leafs are the home team, so park up, grab some popcorn, and cheer yourself hoarse for a while.

Calgary Car Hire


Not all of Canada is mountainous - the region around Calgary changes from rolling hills to open plains studded with little towns along the way. If you love antiques then this is a great place to go exploring, as you'll often find 'mom and pop' at the side of the road. It's snowy in the winter, but warm in the summer, so a great spot for a summer road trip with a difference. 

Niagara Falls car hire

Niagara Falls

You can't hire a car in Canada and not visit the Niagara Falls. In fact if your car hire in the USA starts in Boston or New York, it'll be easy to simply hop over the border and combine the two countries into one epic road trip. This is one spot you have to tick off your bucket list. 


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We have a range of Flydrives available across the USA, from the historic Route 66 to the dazzling Pacific coast of California. Or if safari is on your list, start in Cape Town then take a meandering drive along the famous Garden Route ending in one of our wonderful game reserves.

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Multi-destination - USA

Road Trips

What could be better than a holiday?

Two holidays, of course. Or three. Or four! The beauty of a multi-centre holiday is that it lets you fit more of what you love into a single trip. We've designed a few itineraries to help you get started, so that you can see the best of the US...

Get your car hire sorted out as part of a USA holiday package and you’ve got everything you need for the ultimate Canadian or US road trip. What are you waiting for? Get that engine revved up and get going!