A perfect pocket of tropical paradise

One of Thailand’s most popular island, Koh Samui, offers up all manner of delights that will leave you satisfied, exhausted and hungry for more. This charming island ticks all the right boxes. Dreamy food, dreamy beaches, and dreamy cocktails as the sun goes down – what could be better?


Hotels in Koh Samui

Top hotel picks

Centara Koh Samui

Centara Villas Samui


  • Thai-style Villas
  • Beach only accessible via the hotel
  • Secluded location
  • 3 swimming pools and kids' pool



Buri Rasa Village Koh Phangan

Buri Rasa Village Koh Phangan


  • On a secluded beach
  • Suites with balcony or terrace
  • The Beach Club - one of the longest established restaurants on Koh Phangan



Essential information for Koh Samui

Local Time


Flag of Thailand


Thai Baht
Official currency of Thailand

Flight Information

14h 45m
Koh Samui

Flight schedule

  • Fly with Air France, KLM or Emirates.

Do I need a VISA?

British citizens do not require a visa for stays less than 30 days.

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If you’re into your diving or you fancy doing a PADI course then nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park has a wonderful world of underwater adventure. Tropical fish, coral reefs and safe conditions, all-year-round, make Koh Samui an awesome area for first-timers and gnarly old experts alike.

Koh Samui holidays – exotic flavours of the Far East

Thailand’s second most popular island is all about the beaches. If you’ve ever fancied doing the whole ‘walking along a perfect beach at sunset’ thing with your other half, this is the place to do it. Miles of silky-soft sand, fabulous hotels and even the odd mummified monk or two (more on that in a bit), Koh Samui holidays are a combination of textbook-perfect beach holidays and exotic exploration. You don’t have to be a backpacker to try the delights of a Thailand holiday

No matter which hotel or resort you choose, you’re guaranteed one thing – amazing views. Koh Samui is where the world comes to relax and unwind, so our favourite resorts combine plenty of entertainment for families, and some all-important ‘you time’ for stressed-out adults. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Sheraton Samui Resort – those palm trees! That beach! That infinity pool! It’s all about the beachfront at the Sheraton, where everything comes together to make you feel as if you’re a castaway on a tropical island (which you sort of are, but without the whole ‘frantically signalling for help’ bit). The pool butts right onto the beach, so it’s up to you – splash around in the pool or pop your snorkel on and explore the underwater world of the coral reefs, just yards from your room.
  • Six Senses Samui – If you want to see what the words ‘infinity pool’ really mean, this is the place for you. With stunning views overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, beach holidays in Koh Samui don’t get much better than this. Personal villas mean you have all the privacy and space you want. Traditional décor and design gives it a real island paradise feel.
  • Buri Rasa Village Koh Samui – Is this really a hotel? Because it certainly doesn’t feel like it… Walk out of your room and you’re immediately sinking your toes into soft, warm sand. Slip on a wetsuit and get exploring, because you’re minutes away from some of the best scuba spots in Thailand.

Koh Samui holidays aren’t just for the grown-ups. If your kids love a bit of an adventure, wrapped up with plenty of beach time and some amazing activities too, then family holidays to Koh Samui are designed to bring all of you a little closer together during your trip to paradise. Koh Samui is perhaps a little more child-friendly than its big brother over in Phuket, with more kids clubs and activities for little ones, and fewer all-night thumping clubs and bars to keep them awake. Our favourite kid-friendly hotels in Koh Samui are:

  • OZO Chaweng Samui – fun and friendly, this is a real family hotel that combines kid’s clubs to keep the little ones happy while you chill out in the spa. It’s laid back meets action-packed adventure, so you can do as little or as much as you want.
  • Amari Koh Samui – Kid-friendly and with an all-day restaurant so you can refuel the little darlings whenever they get peckish, the Amari is a chilled-out spot that encourages you to kick back and relax.

Ever tried coconut jam? It’s a Koh Samui speciality and a great way to start your day. We all know that Thai food is amazing, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried authentic dishes like the wonderfully eclectic ‘No Names’ (another Koh Samui speciality), or proper Thai green curry made with the freshest ingredients.

  • The Boudoir, Maenam – Cushions galore, low tables and comfortable, laid-back service make this exclusive restaurant one of our favourites. However, the food is French fusion, rather than Thai, so it’s a bit of an international experience!
  • Tree Tops, Anantara Lawana – This is an amazing spot where you’ll actually be dining in the tree tops (hence the name!). There’s only eight tables, so book well in advance.
  • Dining on the Rocks, Six Senses Samui – You’ll be so busy staring at the ocean view there’s a good chance your food will go cold! Don’t let it, though, because their New Asian cuisine is sublime.

Yes, we know. Those beaches, huh? Seriously, who’d want to leave them? Well, tear yourself away for some excursions because this little island is jam-packed with some pretty crazy things to see and do.

  • Mummified monks – Meet Loung Pordang, Koh Samui’s very own mummified monk (what, doesn’t everyone have a desiccated monk lying around?) This holy man is revered by the locals, and sits peacefully in a cloud of incense smoke and floral tributes. The temple of Wat Khunaram Koh Samui is well worth a visit, even if you pass on seeing the monk.
  • The Big Buddha Temple – unsurprisingly, it has a very big (as in 15m tall) Buddha statue.
  • Grandfather and Grandmother rocks – maybe one to avoid if you have youngsters who like to ask awkward questions, as these two rocks are rather cheeky…
  • Jungle jaunts – got some adrenaline to get rid of? Strap in for a zipline ride through the jungle, or trek up to the Purple Waterfalls (not actually purple, but very, very pretty).
  • Learn Yoga – Slow things down a bit with a yoga session on the beach (you knew we’d end up back at the beach, didn’t you?) Classes are available all across the island, just ask at your hotel or resort for details.
  • Chinese New Year – February – fireworks, dancing dragons, and lots and lots of noise, the Chinese New Year is celebrated across the island in February.
  • The Koh Samui Regatta – May – we’re on an island, so it’s kind of inevitable that they have a big regatta! Head over to Chaweng Beach to watch traditional and modern boats set sail.
  • The Moon Festival – Mid-autumn – across the island you’ll find locals celebrating this important festival by offering flowers and candles at temples. It’s a great way to experience authentic Koh Samui life.
  • Electric bikes and bicycles – the island isn’t that big, so why not see it at a leisurely pace? Bike hire is available everywhere, and cycling is a fun way to get around. If you don’t want to get too puffed out, pick an electric bike that’ll give you a little bit of a boost up some of those hills.
  • Bus – meet and chat to the locals on the island’s buses, which go everywhere. It’s slightly chaotic, but a great adventure (and very cheap!).
  • Transfers – Koh Samui package holidays usually include transfers to and from the airport, so you don’t need to worry about getting a taxi to your hotel on arrival.

We’re in the tropics here, so the weather is going to be hot, hot, hot! Expect wall-to-wall sunshine and high temperatures in Koh Samui. Sea temperatures are similar to a warm bath, too, so you definitely won’t need a wetsuit.

  • January–March – You’re looking at averages of between 26-28°C with around 7½ hours of sunshine a day, making Koh Samui an ideal spot for a good dose of winter sunshine. February is also the driest month of the year.
  • April–August – things start to heat up, so expect the thermometer to hit the mid-30s (°C). Luckily, all of the island’s hotels have pretty good air conditioning to keep things cool, and a sea breeze makes lazing on the beach a pleasure.
  • September–December – Koh Samui really cranks up the heat towards the latter end of the year, with temperatures in the mid to high-30s – perfect if you love the heat.

Our Koh Samui holidays offer you everything you need for a luxury break. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at some of the best Koh Samui hotels, and start planning your trip to paradise today!