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Brazil holidays — the samba-rhythm of South America

Soar through the air on a Virgin Atlantic flight to São Paulo and prepare to embrace one of the liveliest countries on the planet. Holidays in Brazil unfold at a pace that suits you. Dance the night away at a street carnival, snap a passing jaguar on safari, or relax on an all-inclusive escape by one of Brazil’s glorious beaches. Big and bold, playful and passionate — these are holidays set to your rhythm.  

Brazil Tours

Brazil-destination card

Take on a Brazilian tour


In one of the world’s biggest and most diverse countries, our tours take you right to the action. From cultural hotspots to the best spots to see jaguars in the wild, you’ll journey through rainforests and waterfalls. So sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Essential information for Brazil

Local time


Flag of Brazil


Brazilian Real
Official currency of Brazil

Flight information

11-12 hours
Sao Paulo
Direct flight

Flight schedule

  • Daily flights from London to Sao Paulo
Our main partner airline

Do I need a visa?

British nationals can normally enter Brazil without a visa as a tourist.

Find out more about Travel Visas here »

Getting around

Travelling in Brazil can be quite time consuming with long distances covered by plane, road or boat. Planning your holiday to reduce times and travel is the key to a relaxed visit to Brazil, we have devised our tours to help you with this utilising the best flight times and routes.