Bordered by the rolling Appalachian Mountains to the north and picturesque island-dotted low country to the south, the Peach State is an utterly charming destination.

Essential information for Georgia

Local time


USA flag
American English


US Dollars $
Official currency of the United States

Flight information

9h 30m
Atlanta (ATL)
Direct flight

Flight Schedule

  • Virgin Atlantic fly daily to Atlanta from Manchester and Heathrow
are our main airline partner

Do I need a visa?

To travel to the USA, you will need an ESTA visa. Please make sure that you have this approved at least 3 days before you head off on holiday.

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Eats and drinks

Georgia prides itself on its homegrown cuisine, from fragrantly steaming mounds of Low Country Boil, to the rib-sticking delights of Shrimps and Grits. Come down to River Street in Savannah for a spread of superlative restaurants service the best southern seafood.