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Ancient tradition and hi-tech modernity

live side by side in the Far East, a place where orange-robed Buddhist monks may be found tending the pretty garden of their temple, in the shadow of a gleaming new skyscraper.

Where to stay in Asia and the Far East

Holidays in Thailand

From Bangkok’s frenetic floating markets to week-long beach parties on Koh Phangan and pristine bays watched over by monolithic limestone karsts, Thailand’s blend of lively beach living and urban energy is legendary for families, couples and solo travellers alike. 

Prices from £759pp

Holidays in Indonesia
From Ubud to Seminyak, Tajung Benoa to Sanur, discover the islands of Indonesia and all that they have to offer. Enriched in natural beauty from lush green rice fields to tropical jungles and white sandy beaches, holidays to Indonesia will excite all of your senses.

Holidays in Singapore

...before taking a river trip on the 'bum boats', once used to take goods to the warehouses. Visit the famous Raffles Hotel, where a singapore sling in the Long Bar is essential.

Holidays in Malaysia

...with the lively mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures bringing a fascinating array of cultural attractions - and wonderful food!

Holidays in India

India is a culture-filled destination where bustling metropolises rub shoulders with ancient history and tropical paradises.

Holidays in Japan

Few countries are as utterly at ease with antiquity and the future as Japan. Take in Mount Fuji on a state-of-the-art Shinkansen (bullet train), picnic beneath cherry blossom trees with the locals, and stay in a traditional ryokan guest house while you marvel at the megalopolis around you.

Holidays in China

The great wonders in China include Beijing's imposing Forbidden City and Xi’an’s mystical Terracotta Warriors, dating back thousands of years. When you've filled up on culture, you can feast upon the incredibly varied food, from spicy Sichuan to southern stir-fries.

Holidays in Vietnam

In the north, discover Hanoi’s atmospheric temples and the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay. In the south, see the French influence in Ho Chi Minh City and the Cu Chi tunnels. Most of our customers stay in Vietnam as part of a multi-centre package.

Prices from £822pp

Holidays in Cambodia

See the majestic Angkor Wat - set near the charming French-influenced town of Siem Reap, and the largest religious monument in the world. This temple for Buddhists attracts more than a million visitors each year and is undoubtedly Cambodia's premier destination of unparalleled grandeur. 

Hotels in Asia and the Far East


Highlights of Asia and the Far East

From India and Thailand to Japan and Bali, the Far East offers a diverse and exciting holiday. Here are its best attractions;

Cultural Highlights

  • Explore Beijing’s imposing Forbidden City and Xi’an’s mystical Terracotta Warriors in China.
  • See the otherworldly Angor Wat and ancient temples in Cambodia.
  • Visit the ancient temple town of Bagan and the giant golden stupas of Myanmar.
  • Photograph the Fushimi Inari shrine or famous Meiji Shinto Shrine in Japan.
  • Tour the opulent Royal Palace and Reclining Buddha in Thailand.
  • Explore the colonial architecture in PenangMalaysia.


  • Go island hopping between paradise beaches in the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Escape to the quiet, jungle-fringed beach retreats of Langkawi, Malaysia.
  • Find upscale hotels and gorgeous tropical beaches in Goa, India.

Natural Wonders

  • Get up-close to the limestone rocks of Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site in Vietnam.
  • Take a cruise along China’s Yangtze River, the Chao Phraya River in Thailand and the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • See the elephants of Southern Thailand and the orangutans of Borneo.


  • Sip on a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar of the famous Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
  • Shop for designer labels in Kowloon, Hong Kong and the Ginza district in Tokyo.

Food & Drink

  • In Japan, visit bustling fish markets and eat the best sushi in the world.
  • Take a horticultural tour of the organic spice farm at the Park Hyatt in Goa.
  • Enjoy cocktails with a view at Traders, Kuala Lumpur and Red Sky, Bangkok.