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Cuban Peso
Official currency of Cuba

Do I need a visa?

UK passport holders (adults and infants) require a Tourist Visa. These can be obtained at the time of booking for £15. Tourist Visas can also be purchased at the airport for £15. Non-UK passport holders should contact the consulate: Cuban Consulate, 167 High Holborn, London WC1V 6PA.

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Flight information

10h 10m
Direct flight

Flight schedule

  • Fly direct to Havana from Gatwick
  • Fly direct to Varadero from Gatwick every Sunday (from 02 April 2017)
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What you need to know about Cuba

Not sure what to expect? We've got it all here for you, so you can enjoy your holiday in Cuba. Read through our top tips on what you need, and how to prepare for your adventure on this unique Caribbean island.

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Slip back in time holidays to Cuba

A visit to Cuba is a must for your bucket list. Thanks to its history steeped in revolution, cigars and salsa, this island country is a haven for adventurers and those seeking tranquillity alike.

With its vibrant culture, idyllic beaches and cobbled back streets to explore, you’ll be hard pushed to find another destination quite like Cuba. It’s a bright and colourful place with a relaxing way of life and a proud heritage. Whatever your preferred holiday pace, Cuba holidays have something to captivate everyone.

Cuban Beaches

Here, the white sands and blue shores of the Caribbean meet the time-stood-still lifestyle of the Cubans. The laid-back local attitude makes Cuba the perfect place to relax, unwind and switch off – and the sound of the gently lapping waves doesn't hurt either.

Holidays to Cuba have the perfect mix of beach and city life. Once you’ve explored the colonial architecture, the coast seems even more enticing. These beaches are perfect for getting stuck into a good book, floating in the calming blue waves or snorkelling.

Historic Havana Luxury

There’s no shortage of luxury hotels in the cities and along the peaceful coast, whether you want to get out and explore the Cuban way of life or you'd prefer to relax in an all inclusive.

Art and culture

If there’s one thing Cuba’s not short of, it’s culture. With colourful, colonial architecture, classic cars in every shade and plenty of art galleries, the only problem you’ll have is fitting it all in.

Music and nightlife

When you’re daydreaming about this particular Caribbean island, you probably think of salsa dancing till dawn, right? You won’t be disappointed with a holiday in Cuba. Music is impossible to miss in the country of the rhumba. From rumba in the street at night to jazz clubs that run into the AM, the beats are everywhere.

A holiday to Cuba isn't just a tranquil break, it's an experience you'll want to relive again and again. Sunshine, salsa and stunning scenery await, so book your Cuba hotel with Virgin Holidays today.