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Holidays in Dominican Republic

Hotels in Dominican Republic

Essential information for Dominican Republic

Local time


Dominican Republic flag


Dominican Peso
Official currency

Do I need a visa?

YesTourist visas are required for British citizens. They cost $10pp and can be obtained pre-departure or on arrival.

Departure Tax: US$20

Find out more about Travel Visas here »

Flight information

Punta Cana (PUJ)
Indirect flight

Flight schedule

  • Fly to Atlanta with Virgin Atlantic and connect onwards to Punta Cana with Delta Air Lines.

Departure tax

Departure tax is US$20.  Scheduled airlines sometimes include this charge in the price of the ticket. Please check at time of booking.

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The Nature Island

From emerald green mountains and great value beach resorts to a stunning ‘Coconut Coast’, here are the Dominican Republic’s best attractions.

Caribbean Beaches

- Head to Macao Beach for pristine sand and a top-notch surf school.

- Arena Gorda is one of the island’s widest beaches and has calm shallow water.

- Bavaro Beach is a lively beach with shopping and must-have amenities close by.


Food & Drink

- Explore traditional ‘Taino’ cuisine made with plantain, yucca and cassava flat breads.

- Indulge in delicious seafood and ‘Mama Juana’ – the fiery local liqueur - at Captain Cook’s or the Jellyfish restaurant in Bavaro.


- Visit rural villages to see locals hand-rolling the famed cherry cigars.

- Take a jeep safari to the island’s lush plantations where cocoa, coffee, coconut oil and vanilla are produced.