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Florida, Dubai, California, the Caribbean… whatever destination is calling your name, you’ll find it in the Virgin Holidays Sale. Come back soon or take a look our special offers.

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Tropical Beaches

Late Holiday Deals

All around the world, holidays are happening. Right now. Yours could be too. Take a look at our Late Holiday Deals and find that last-minute escape you’ve been dreaming of.

Multi-destination holidays

What could be better than a holiday? Two holidays, of course. Or three. Or four! The beauty of a multi-destination holiday is that it lets you fit more of what you love into a single trip. You can shop yourself silly in New York, then unwind on the beach in Florida. Or explore Bangkok's markets before kicking back on the beach at Hua Hin.

Multi-destinations are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a jam-packed trip, or for couples and groups that want different things from a holiday. Just pick one of our off-the-peg twin-centre combos or ask us to create a custom itinerary for you.

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Florida Cruise and Stay

Stay & Cruise holidays

We want to see more people set sail on their dream holiday, and get the best of both worlds with an amazing voyage of discovery and a luxurious stay in some of the most amazing resorts around the world. 

Touring holidays

Touring & Safari holidays

Know where your headed, but not quite sure where you’re going? Or perhaps you crave an adventure and just want to see the wilder side of the world?

Explore a wide range of great destinations across the globe and make sure you get the most out of your holiday with our tours and safari holidays. 

Sandy Lane Barbados


This is luxury, but not as you've ever experienced it before. Wonderlist is our collection of unforgettable getaways that'll create memories for a lifetime. They're one-in-a-million holidays for life's celebrations or simply to escape, 'just because'.