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The World's First Bottle of Holiday Spirit

Virgin Holidays Spirit

We've managed to physically bottle the spirit of a holiday

Creating a data-driven rum

Ever had that feeling when you remember a holiday so clearly you can almost taste it? 

Well, we’ve just completed an ambitious project to produce a bottle of rum that is scientifically proven to ‘taste’ like a holiday.

We enlisted IBM’s Watson - the world’s most intelligent super computer - to analyse the thoughts and feelings of more than 15 million holidaymakers via their social posts.  These emotions were then matched to thousands of rum flavour descriptors, which informed a one-off rum recipe.  

Virgin Holidays Spirit
Virgin Holidays Spirit

The most positive emotions captured in the holiday social posts, were matched against flavours in online rum reviews to prepare this recipe:

IBM Watson matched happiness to vanilla, excitement to sweetness, curiosity to cinnamon, adventurousness to allspice, and relaxation to coconut.

Finally, the flavours were blended by rum connoisseur Ian Burrell, to ensure that a recipe derived from artificial intelligence was distilled with compete accuracy - creating a smooth, sweet and lightly spiced drink that captures the home of rum, Barbados!


Where to try it

Want a taste of ‘data-distilled’ rum?

Unfortunately we've now sold out of bottles, but you can still head into any of our nine v-room retail stores below for a free cocktail! But hurry - it won't last forever.

Virgin Holidays Spirit


The Virgin Holidays Spirit Giveaway - competition closed

Virgin Holidays Spirit

Our competition is now closed - if you're lucky enough to have won a bottle of Virgin Holidays Spirit, you'll be hearing from us soon.

If you can't wait to taste authentic Barbadian Rum, check out our Barbados Holidays

The Holiday Spirit contains an alcohol volume of 40% and is only available for those over the age of 18.  Alcohol can cause serious illness and you should not exceed the weekly limit of 14 units per person.  If you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, you should not consume The Holiday Spirit.  Please drink responsibly.  Visit for the facts.



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