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An underwater world of treasures

Maui is often considered the most mystical island, and there's no doubt that it's a nature lover's paradise. The combination of sugar plantations, rainforests, and amazing hiking and biking trails in the West Maui Forest Reserve and Haleakala National Park make it a dream destination for those who love the outdoors. Additionally, Maui is a hub for some of the world's best scuba diving sites.

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The second largest Hawaiian Island - Known as "The Valley Isle"

Essential information for Maui

Local time
USA flag
American English
US Dollar $
Official currency of the United States
Flight information
Kahului (OGG)
17h (+1/2 stops)
Indirect flight
Flight schedule
Daily flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. From here, you can then board a connecting flight to Maui.
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Do I need a visa?

To travel to the USA, you will need an ESTA visa. Please make sure that you have this approved at least 3 days before you head off on holiday.

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Top Tip

Fly to L.A, San Francisco or Seattle with Virgin Atlantic, stay a night or two, then catch an onward flight to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines.

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