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  • 24 May 8:00am - 10:00pm
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  • 26 May 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • 27 May 8:00am - 11:00pm
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Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark®



Ray Rush™

Ray Rush

Grab your raft as powerful water jets launch your whole family into an enclosed tube, before swirling you into an enormous see-through sphere. There you’ll spin and splash up the walls until you drop into the final section: an open-air slide shaped like the curved wings of a manta ray. You’ll glide back and forth on the ray’s wings as you make your way towards an epic splashdown finale. Perfect for all ages, this three-part water adventure will be the only ride like it in all of Florida.

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls®

Ihu's Breakaway Falls

Plunge into an adrenaline rush like no other on Orlando’s steepest multi-drop tower slide. Step into one of three clear ‘breakaway boxes’ and stand face-to-face with the other riders not knowing who’ll drop first... Without warning the floor disappears and you plummet 40-feet, then zoom through a 360-degree spiral water slide. 

Taumata Racer®

Taumata Racer

Ready? Set… Slide! Zoom in and out of tunnels and whip around a 360-degree turn, then whoosh down the staggeringly steep decent towards the finish line. No need to debate who was fastest, each rider’s time is waiting for them at the bottom. So grab your friends or family and release your competitive sides – headfirst. 

Omaka Rocka™

Omaka Rocka

Spin and slide down the half pipe tunnels of Omaka Rocka. Hold on tight as your inflatable ring defies gravity by splashing up the walls of the tunnels. High speeds and big thrills await on this skateboarding inspired ride. 

Dolphin Plunge®

Dolphin Plunge

What starts with you zooming though a dark tube feet first transforms into a clear underwater tube that shoots through the habitat of a pod of Commerson’s dolphins. Known for their playful nature and electrifying speed, keep your eyes open to spot one of these beautiful dolphins racing along with you.

Cutback Cove™ and Big Surf Shores™

Cutback Cove

A pristine sand beach overlooking two side by side wave pools. Choose between the constantly rolling waves of Cutback Cove or the unpredictable lolling and crashing waves of Big Surf Shores. Or you can just stretch out with a cold drink on soft white sands and soak up some Florida sunshine.

Roa's Rapids®

Roas Rapids

Take a deep breath before you race through 1,500 feet of white waters, roaring high tides, gushing geysers and waterfalls. Brace yourself for currents that carry you three to four times faster than the average waterpark river. Not the most confident swimmer? No problem, just grab a life vest before you dive in.

Loggerhead Lane™

Loggerhead Lane

Lie back on your inflatable ring whilst this lazy river carries you past breath-taking views of aquatic life. Float one way to enter a grotto that’s home to thousands of vibrant tropical fish. Float another way and you’ll pass by the Commerson’s dolphins habitat with a great view of the playful pod. There’s no better way to unwind than to drift along these soothing streams.

Tassie's Twisters™

Tassies Twister

As you drift along the gentle currents of Loggerhead Lane look out for a sign leading to Tassie’s Twisters - a ride that might just leave you in a spin. Sat on a rubber ring you’ll twirl your way down a rapid tube slide into a giant bowl where you’ll spin and spin until you splash back into the lazy river. 

Walkabout Waters™

Walkabout Waters

Dive into a colourful blur of slides, rides, water cannons, ladders and a rain fortress. Brave the giant water bucket that tips over once full onto anyone stood below. This 15,000 sq ft water play area is perfect for kids (and anyone who just wants to feel like a kid again)!

Walhalla Wave®

Walhalla Wave

Grab a few friends or family members for this thrilling group raft ride, perfect for all ages. Together you’ll splash down a six-storey maze of twists and turns, your raft tilting up the sides of the tunnels and emerging in a pool splashdown at the end.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove®

Katas Kookaburra Cove

Parents with toddlers, toddle this way! Play, paddle and splash with slides, rides and water spouts. With a maximum pool depth of only 2ft, this is the perfect splashy space for you and your little ones to cool down in the Florida sunshine.

Whanau Way® 

Whanau Way

Ready to take on one of four high-speed slides? Each has its own unique path but whichever one you choose expect curves, drops, dipping in and out of dark tunnels and soaring off the end of the slide for an epic splashdown.

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